I did a stupid thing

For those of you, dear friends, who don’t follow me on Twitter, I thought I’d give the blow-by-blow on how I went from “Not Quite Betty Crocker” to here, Parenthetical Me, and why.

I’m an idiot.

No, really.


A total idiot.

When I signed up for Not Quite Betty Crocker, I used my old email account, the one in my maiden name.  Why?  Because I wasn’t married yet but thought I’d want to have a post-wedding blog up and running.

Smart, right?

Yea, except for the part where I stopped checking that email account because it was getting overwhelming.  Or the part where I received my domain expiration notice for my wedding blog (the one for guests to RSVP, which of course they never did) and thought, “Hmmm, wonder when NQBC’s domain expired” BUT THEN DIDN’T ACTUALLY CHECK.

I thought maybe I hadn’t been cheap and signed up for multiple years. {Unlikely.}  Mostly, though, I didn’t think about it, because blogging is and has always been a hobby, and my real job (the one that pays me the real bacons) was getting rather nuts.  So I blew it off.

And then (you saw this coming)… it expired.  And I didn’t know.  For 30+ days.  Until someone else bought my expired domain name and REPOSTED MY CONTENT ON THE SAME DOMAIN, BUT I DIDN’T OWN IT ANYMORE.

Yes, I’m going all nuts on the shift key because I think it’s warranted.

So I thought about trying to buy it back (from some outfit in Hong Kong that does this as a business, riiiiight), but I remembered that I”m cheap and this is a hobby and hey, I shouldn’t have someone else’s trademark in my blog name anyway.

{This story makes it sound like I was all mature and grown-up, but really I wanted to cry and throw something.  Oh, wait, maybe I AM grown-up because I didn’t ACTUALLY cry or throw something.  Mostly I just closed my laptop and lived in denial a lot.  Does that count as mature behavior?}

So here I am, relaunched (if you can call repointing everything to a temporary account at Squarespace while I decide whether to take this semi-seriously or not) as Parenthetical Me.  True to form, I waffled between two options (the other was She Loves, She Learns… but it ultimately lost when I couldn’t type the url correctly three times in a row) and decided on this one at the very last minute.

But I’m glad to be here, and I think it’s fitting, and I hope you’ll follow me here (and do the pain in the booty step of updating your readers and blog rolls).  Please say hello in the comments?  I’d feel much less stomp-my-feet-and-wish-it-were-different that way!


22 thoughts on “I did a stupid thing

  1. Hmmm…. it’s a good thing my boss pays for my domain name or I would be in your same shoes. I’m AWFUL at silly deadlines. Kid you not I have been pulled over for each and every thing on my car that can expire. License Plate – check, Inspection sticker – check, Town sticker – check. Thank goodness they’ve gotten rid of town stickers here – one less thing to remember.Hmm… and I have 10 more days to do my taxes. I promised the hubby I wouldn’t watch anymore Veronica Mars until I finish (start!) the taxes. That show has taken over all free time.

  2. I’m glad you’re back to blogging. I don’t comment much but I really appreciate your posts. A lot of them I feel like I could have written myself. Well, if I could write as well as you that is. 🙂 Anyway, glad your back and I look forward to reading more posts.

  3. I’m glad you’re here!Don’t worry, I finally updated my insurance so a lab would stop sending me hate mail… it only took me…. seven months.I think we’re all idiots, deep down there somewhere. 🙂

  4. Hey! If it makes you feel any better, your old domain name is some kind of Ambien site. Weird, no? I don’t comment a lot, but I do read and enjoy your posts, as evidenced by my looking at your tweets to see what happened to you. I don’t tweet ;o)

  5. Thanks, guys, for coming over! I’m so excited!!Jilian – how ya feeling?Austyn – when I go to my old site, I get a "reconstruction site." You’re seeing an Ambien site? Weird!!

  6. So glad you got this all straightened out!! How frustrating. I’m a frequent reader but a not-so-frequent commenter. I promise to get better at that if my life ever slows down.

  7. I figured for a while you were SUPER busy with work and traveling and all that but when I went to snoop around I found the new blog. Crazy! It’s strange there could be an actual business in doing that to people’s websites and content. So weird. At least you had the blogspot account to back up your posts, right?

  8. Yes. When I went to your old site a couple of days ago, it had the under construction graphic. Yesterday, when I saw the Ambien thing, I decided to snoop your tweets. I didn’t think you would sell your site for Ambien advertising…

  9. Welcome back! Glad to have found you here– and this is EXACTLY the kind of stupid thing I do all the time. And Jilian, you are not alone, we haven’t done our taxes yet either.

  10. So glad you’re back! I’m another not-often commenter but I truly enjoy your posts. I found your tweets to find out where your blog went. Love the new blog/domain name!

  11. Hi there! Another non frequent commenter here. I just updated my Reader and am going back through the posts I missed now. I would be really sad if you stopped blogging so I hope you don’t become discouraged by this incident!

  12. I don’t Twitter. I’m not ashamed. But I did stalk you over there because suddenly your blog was trying to get me to buy drugs. I figured you hadn’t stooped so low. 🙂 Glad to have found you again.

  13. I am so glad you guest posted on thatwife because I wondered what happened to your old blog but thought maybe it was under construction or something. I couldn’t find you!

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