I like to think I’m no dummy, and yet…

I’m three seconds from throwing my laptop out the window.  {Aside: I’ve been talking about throwing things lately, haven’t I?}

I work in software.  I’m no programmer, but I work at a company that builds software.  My title involves the words “Engineering” and “Manager.”

And yet, after more hours than I want to admit spent trying to set up a WordPress blog with a custom domain on GoDaddy.com, I’m feeling pretty stupid.  I did manage to repoint everything back to Squarespace for now, but for a moment I wasn’t sure I could manage that.


Why is this internet thing so hard?  Why can’t I “get” the big picture?  Why can’t I figure out why a WordPress “one-click” installation into the root directory still doesn’t let me get into the app?  I suspect it’s because I haven’t pointed the nameservers to GoDaddy, but c’mon, people, I bought the domain from you!  You should make this easier!

So I’m going to bed after having failed to accomplish anything except this post (and procrastinating from doing anything on my lengthy to-do list, but let’s assume that’s quite the point).

Blegh.  I’m disgusted with myself.


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