Can you help me find my peeps?

You intrepid Googlers, you, you managed to find my site again even after I dropped off the face of the earth (ahem, internets)… but not everyone has such fabulous stalking skills.

I say this with love.

Please, please, pretty please, will you help me?


Well, funny you should ask!  You can:

  • Update your blogroll to point to instead of NQBC.
  • Add a little itty bitty footer to your next post that says, “She’s baaaaaack! From Cheesy to Betty Crocker to losing her domain, Marisa’s blogging again. Find her here:” (Note: you should only do this, of course, if you’re willing to hang your hat on the recommendation, so to speak, and I have been using the s*x word lately.  The horror!)
  • Tweet a little tweet for me. Frankly, I’m terrified to change my Twitter name (@notquitebetty) so I’m keeping it for now, but perhaps you can help your Tweeps find us here?

Okay, now I’m embarrassed and going back into my little embarrassed hole (aka: hiding under the covers with my laptop because my husband is sleeping and grumpy that I’m not sleeping… men!).


5 thoughts on “Can you help me find my peeps?

  1. There you are! A big shout out to Pink Heli @ for helping me locate you! I tried to comment on her post today to thank her, but my office computer and her comment box don’t get along, so it wouldn’t post. 😦

    Anyway, so glad to find you again! If you’ll excuse me, I have to get caught up!

  2. I found you!! (Well not really, thanks to Pink Heli I found you)i’ve missed reading your posts, I’m going to catch up now!!

  3. I found you! Thanks to Kasia and her blog list… Great to see you back. Was so sad the first time I went to notquitebetty and was met with the error page!

  4. I noticed you weren’t around much, and I saw the couple of posts on Repeat Bride, but thougtht you were just busy with work or something. I can’t believe I just found out you’ve got a new blog home, but I’m glad I did!

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