Why I wub my Kindle

The goofy title is courtesy of my goofy husband.  He also wub’s Kesha’s “Your Love is My Drug.” Apparently he’s a 13 year-old girl deep down.

So. The Kindle.

I was one of those ambivalent people, the book snobs who professed to need the feel of paper under my fingers.  How could you improve on books? I mean, c’mon, the format has been around forever!  And I buy books secondhand, so ain’t no way electronic form will be the same, never mind the fact that I like to keep books and reread them.

But then.  THEN I discovered the freedom of traveling with a bag weighing 30 pounds less.  (Okay, ten, but it feels like 30.)  And I didn’t have to choose my reading material based on weight.  And I could buy new bestseller books for $9.99 (now more than that, but not by much).

And I can search! And add notes*!  And bookmark!  And sync across devices so I can read a few pages on my Blackberry and pick up right where I left off on my Kindle! Or on my laptop!  Or decide I no longer want to read book A, switch to book B, and then to book C!

People, this is freedom.  Nerd-freedom, true, but freedom nonetheless.

So I love it.

Because I travel so much, I’ve taken to asking other Kindlers how they feel about their Kindles.  Having asked close to a hundred people (seriously, I have no shame), I’ve yet to hear from one person who doesn’t love theirs.  In fact, the only people who aren’t sure how they feel about Kindle don’t have one.

Think about that for a moment.  If you ask people to give a review about any other technology — Blackberry, iPhone, laptop, netbook, iPad — they’ll tell you it’s good and it’s bad.  Not Kindle.  People love this thing. (And you can put it in a Ziploc bag and take it to the beach! Or into the tub without fear that you’ll drop the dang thing in.)


I’m notoriously indecisive so I’ve come up with a variety of coping mechanisms.  At restaurants, I’ll narrow my options down to a few and ask the server to choose for me.  (Works fabulously.)  At clothing stores, I’ll limit my search to sale items.  And when it comes to technology, I buy based on customer service.

My DSLR camera is a Canon because, when I dropped my point-and-shoot, they fixed and sent it back to me within a week.  And when you call their 800 number, a real person answers – WITHOUT a “we care about your business but are still making you wait on hold so we can save money on live phone answerers” message.  I buy flowers from ProFlowers because they once sent a duplicate order because I got the delivery date wrong.  I screwed up, they fixed it for free.

And I will stick with Amazon not only because their product does what it says exceptionally well (Does it have a color screen? No.  Do you need that on an e-reader? Nope.  How about fab web surfing? Nope.  Can I surf on my Blackberry? Yup.  Is it great for reading?  Yes. Perfect.) but also because when I called them because my Kindle screen froze, they apologized and overnighted me a new one.  Just like that.

“I’m sorry you had to experience this, so I’m sending you a new one.  You’ll have it tomorrow.  Send us your broken one within 30 days.”

I didn’t have to explain that my dog may have bumped the thing while chewing up the leather case (argh!) or that I’m not particularly careful with my technology, more likely to throw everything in my bag in one big pile than to handle with care.

Nope.  Just got a new one – and an apology.

So, yea.  Kindle.  Awesome.


Do I want an iPad?  Not really.  I’m not patient enough to be on the cutting edge of technology.  (Only took me two decades and many abandoned things to figure this out.)  Perhaps by the second iteration, but maybe not even then.  The thing gets covered in fingerprints, has a terrible glare, and I’m not sure how I’d use it except to watch Hulu (and hi, I have a free laptop for that).

I’m not enough of a music buff to bother to charge my iPod, never remember to turn on my satellite radio receiver, and still use my DSLR on automatic mode (the horror! – but I do want a new telephoto lens if you have one for sale)… but I am a devout reader and I love my Kindle.


See the notes on the right panel?  That’s everything I bookmarked in Switch (my new favorite work/ life book).  Now I don’t have to retype favorite lines.  I can copy and paste them!  People!  This is Nerd Heaven!

An Indecisive like me can download a sample of fifteen different books before choosing to buy (I can’t count the number of times I’ve bought a book and forced myself to finish it because I paid for it even though it sucked and the grammar was bad and the sentences ran on and on and one… Pot, meet Kettle, I know).  Again with the heaven thing, though this handy dandy little feature didn’t stop me from buying that horrible Jenny McCarthy book.

Oh, yea, one last thing: the downloading is fast.  Super fast.  As in, “Crap, I forgot to download a new book for this four-hour late-night flight in a middle seat and the flight attendant just announced they’re closing the cabin doors” kind of fast.  I can get two books in that little window of time.

Now if only someone made a device to help me keep up with my email.  Oh, wait, I think it’s called a Blackberry….

{Links are all affiliate links because, hey, why not? Mama wants a new camera lens!  HOWEVER, I assure you I do this spiel in person with nothing to gain.  Every time I’m asked by a fellow passenger how I like my Kindle, I think I should print up business cards with my freaking affiliate link so I get credit for all the Kindles I’ve convinced people to buy.  But I don’t, and I still go on and on and on about how awesome this thing is.  Ask my husband. }


11 thoughts on “Why I wub my Kindle

  1. I was *this* close to buying one when I remembered I don’t currently spend a lot of money on books. I usually hit up the library before a big trip. So I’d have a kindle with no budget to put anything on it.

    I hear soon they’ll be working with the libraries though.. and then I’ll consider it.

    It’d also be great if I could buy a book, read it, then pass it off to another kindle reader… can you do that?

    If I traveled more I think it would be a no brainer… but for now I’ll keep dreaming of the day I get one 🙂 They are pretty cool.

    • @Jilian, I think you can share books on Nook, but I didn’t like the actual hardware – no place to put your fingers without getting them all over the screen.

      I hear ya on the cost – I budget a certain number of books per month. It works bc I like to reread.

  2. I love love love my kindle. I got it last year for my birthday and I still love it! Its great to hear someone else goes on and on about it to anyone who asks instead of just me. =)

  3. Hmmmmmm. You make excellent points as to why the Kindle would probably be better for me than an iPad. I currently have neither, I’m just drawn to the shiny apple-ness, which is exactly what they are going for. I even thought the iPad was stupid when they first announced it! I’m probably going to work on resisting both of them, until one day I just randomly up and cave and buy one. Hee.

  4. SOLD. I am like you were, thinking I needed the physical turn of the page. After reading this post though, I feel like I want to give it a try. My local library is severely understocked of books I’d like to read (relatively rural area) so maybe the Kindle is the answer!

    • @Vee, I do slightly miss the physical turn of the page (I have a somewhat visual memory) but the other stuff greatly outweighs that loss — and now I can read one-handed.

  5. If you can’t afford the Kindle or aren’t sure you want to make the commitment to buy one, there are a few different options. I have the Kindle app for the iPhone and Love it! I’m saving for my Kindle but it’s not in my budget yet. Meanwhile I can get the same books downloaded to my phone. And there are some free books offered by Amazon every few weeks. Some are wonky but I’ve found some new favorite authors from free downloads.

    If anyone is giving away a Kindle, let me know!! I really want one!

  6. No Kindle yet but I’m tempted. I think I’ll be passing on the iPad for awhile. I would say I’m never getting one but then I said that about the iPhone too.

  7. I WUB my kindle too! I was totally ambivalent about getting one, but my in-laws gave it to me for Christmas, and I’m a convert. (This from the girl who has five full bookshelves, plus about eight boxes full of books under beds and in the attic.)

    The *only* thing that I kind of wish the Kindle had is a backlight. But I’ve read their reasons for not including that feature, and I get it. So I’m okay with it. But it would be nice to read in bed when hubby is trying to sleep. But whatev.

    But it has changed the way I read, it’s opened me up to things I never would have picked up otherwise, and I totally and completely LOVE it.

  8. I talked to multiple people about my love for my Kindle on my honeymoon. My husband was super embarassed, but thank you for making me feel like I do not have this obsession is not all alone. 🙂

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