A man and his steed

We killed time walking through the aisles at Toys R Us.  My husband found this:

Which led to this:

He’s in the driveway tinkering with it now, having shown it off and shared it with the neighbors (adults, of course – kids whhhaaaaa?).  Love him.


Updated: one more video of him trying to get back up the little hill (also, he’s now talking about souping it up – better back tires, brake system, the works – and he has the neighbor men all fired up about it too).


2 thoughts on “A man and his steed

    • @Catherine, It’s already started! Two neighbors are going to buy their own today, he’s talking about welding the frame and adding this-and-that, and they’re going to have a race during a yearly party a friend throws (“The Beer Can Open”) in August.

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