A contest!

My friend Jenna has the most wonderful contest up on her blog.  Seriously.  Go look: http://jennacole.com/blog/2010/05/10/jenna-cole-wedding-redux-contest/

The premise: not everyone is in love with their wedding pictures.  That’s reality, huh?  And hey, it’s an okay reality – given the competing priorities when it comes to weddings, sometimes you have to choose between a super fabulous photog or, well, food.  Or maybe you chose a photographer and were disappointed. Or maybe you just weren’t enamored by your wedding pics.  ‘S okay.  It happens.

My favorite suggestion to deal with the disappointment is to make it right!  If you don’t have great pictures of you and your husband, don your duds and schedule a session.  If your family didn’t get memorialized in all their finery, bring a photographer to your next family get-together.

And if you live in Dallas (now) or Chicago (soon), get your little patooty over to Jenna’s site and enter the contest – because this photog can make it all better.  Really.  She’s amazing (and honest and direct and determined, to boot).

Go now.


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