More and more like him every day

They say married people begin to look like each other after a while.  Or is that people start to look like their dogs?  In our case, both are true.

We make dog faces at each other — and recognize them immediately.

“Did you just huff at me like Indy?” This when we’re annoyed.

“Was that a Beau-double-stomp?” A playful challenge.

“Don’t give me that Beau look.  I’m still a ‘no.'”

And every day, I become more like my husband.  I think I’m okay with that.

I’ve been camera shopping, a long and stressful affair because this is me we’re talking about.  I’m picky and do all the research, then can’t stomach the thought of spending the money on the thing I’ve just spent days deciding is The One.  I surf the internet until I get overwhelmed, drive to camera shops to hold the thing in my hands, and then start the whole shebang all over again when I get home.

I’m exhausting.

I cabbed over to parts-unknown in downtown Seattle to check out this camera.  Voila! The guy pulls it out.  Shows me the whiz-bang hinged LCD screen.  I reach for it, spin it around, and realize Joey’s in my head.

That looks like it’ll break,” I blurt.  “And then what?  Ruined.

The guy stares, then laughs.

“It’s like sun roofs... I say.  “We don’t like sun roofs.  They leak.”

We’re officially a we, because once upon a time I did like sun roofs, but now I look at mine and imagine water dripping on my head.  I kindly refuse the NIKON branded camera bag, thinking it’s like putting a “Steal Me” sign on my stuff.  And you’d better not leave me alone with a pair of (really good, of course) hedge clippers; you will have accidentally naked trees in no time.

How about you? Are you finding the little voice in your head is sounding a lot like your spouse?


9 thoughts on “More and more like him every day

  1. This is so true! I feel like I’ve adopted a lot of Josh’s idiosyncrasies over the past few years. There’s this little laugh thing he does that I find myself doing all the time. Now, I’m not sure if his voice is necessarily in my head, but I kind of really hope my voice is in HIS head more and more. Is that bad? It’s not that he has poor judgment, and it’s not that I’m always right, but I…think about things a bit more thoroughly than he does sometimes.

  2. OMG. we have become so mutually weird that I’m not sure whether I’ve become him or he’s become me– or we’ve just become a mix of the weirdest versions of ourselves!

  3. So true! I hear my husband’s voice in my head when I’m shopping (he likes to visit an item for months before actually buying it), and I think he hears my voice when he’s cooking or ordering at restaurants. Unless there’s butter, cream, or bacon involved because they speak much louder than me 🙂

  4. Ahhhh… the “I” truly becomes a “we” when you start thinking like the other person! LOL!
    I’m the same way with big purchases… I do tons of research, pick something out, and then have a problem plopping down that much cash! LOL!

  5. PS- I’m loving the baby thoughts lately. I have finally decided I am ready, but the hubby isn’t quite ready. Well, I’m not quite ready THIS SECOND, but I am thinking about when… perhaps later this year or early, early 2011. It’s sort of a scary thought, and the very next instant, I convince myself I’m NOT ready. But it will all happen in due time!
    I just like reading your thoughts because I’m very much in the same place.

  6. I love that y’all do dog faces at each other. We do the same thing. We have two cats — one that’s grumpy and one that’s mischievous — so we have a “harrumph” face and a “whoops, did I do that?” face that we do at each other all the time. Borrowed from the cats, of course.

    By the way, I can’t even remember how I found you, but I’ve stayed because I like the Baby Thoughts. I am uncertain as to whether or not I am ready, so it’s comforting to know I am not alone.

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