A challenge!

Have you seen the movie, “Michael”?  You know when he challenges the bull?  That’s the mental picture I get when people talk about photo challenges.

So I’m doing one.

Me versus myself.  Me versus camera.  Me versus suckage.  Me versus five days a week for one month.

Caveats: I will be on a cruise and therefore unable to blog (I think), so I’ll be skipping ten days.  I suppose I should do this through July, then.  Am I a wimp or what?  Most people do a year; I’m waffling about a month.

Nonetheless, for the next month, minus a few days while on vacaciones, I will post a picture a day.  Taken by me.  Of something that helps you see my life, because this whole “I wanna not suck at taking pics” thing was precipitated by one thing: I don’t live near my family and I want them to be able to see our lives when we have kids.

My husband says these plants remind him of South America.  He’s never been to South America.  I think this is SOOC, unless setting the camera to Landscape makes this not SOOC.  I can tell you I didn’t do jack to post-process (because I lack the vision necessary to know when tweaking should begin or end) except convert from Raw to jpg.  I think I’m in lurve.

The neighbor dogs checking us out.  This soon led to cuddling of neighbor babies. *sigh*

Greeeeeeeeen.  Sigh.  I love green.  This is a great place to live for someone who loves green.

Wanna join me?  We can do a Flickr Group or you can just post on your blog.  Let me know!  Do we a need a focus/ gimmick/ theme?  If so, I’d like something like, “Life.” Yup, I’m really great at this, let me tell you!  My plan was to shoot a photo a day of my life.  If I’m here in Knoxville, my life looks like those pics.  If I’m in Seattle, well, you’ll have to wait until next week to see.

P.S. How do you peeps with gargantuo cameras travel with them?  Gigantor camera bag?  I travel with one carry-on and one big bag with my laptop, socks, wallet, Kindle, and various and sundry detritus.  Now I’m not sure how to fit this (super awesome but enormous) camera in there.


5 thoughts on “A challenge!

  1. I would love to join in on this, but I’m having camera-carrying trouble, as well. I’ve considered carrying the smaller point-and-shoot on a daily basis so that more moments can be captured, but I love my big DSLR more!

    I have a monster camera bag, but it is clunky and does not provide easy access to the camera. I’m considering some of the Think Tank Photo bags. They have some pretty amazing ones.

    • @BB, Okay, this sounds ridiculous given that I just forked over big bucks (for me) for a fancy camera, but I swear I think the camera isn’t as important as just taking photos all the time. The funny part is that now that I bought The Tank, I find myself carrying my point-and-shoot all the time, too.

      I’m considering DIY’ing a camera setup, but then I don’t want it to look stupid, so I’m conflicted.

  2. I’m in…part-time since I have over 1K work images to edit sometime this month 😉

    And I’m still trying to find a bag that I like for travel involving flights. Especially now that I have a couple primes…I’d love to hear any suggestions.

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