2/30: Our Accidental Pumpkin Patch

Does it count as part of the daily photo challenge if I took this pic yesterday but posted it today?  I took more today but haven’t downloaded them.

Tangent: I got some surprisingly good news at work today (something involving STOCK OPTIONS I’M SO A GROWN-UP NOW) and my husband surprised me by taking me to the best steakhouse ever for dinner.  We looked like bumpkins – him in his work clothes and me in my work-from-home clothes.  Anyway, I apparently ate so much that my body sent a frantic DIVERT signal to send every possible bit of energy toward my stomach for digesting.  I was food drunk.  Seriously.  Light-headed and heart racing and needing to nap.  Pathetic.  So now I’m in bed but without my beloved cammy-cam, so I can’t download today’s pics.


We have a little garden that my husband tilled a couple of years ago.

Year 1: we didn’t anticipate the drought.  Fail.

Year 2: we didn’t anticipate the volume of rain.  Wow. So some plants took over all the other plants and no veggies made it. Fail.

Year 3: we tilled, apparently forgetting that we let our Halloween pumpkins die a slow death in the middle of the garden, soooooo all of a sudden these plants started popping up.  Closer inspection revealed the discarded pumpkin seeds had sprouted!  Now we just haven’t gotten around to pulling them out, because then we’d have to plant something else.  Side benefit: the cats nap under the shade of the crazy huge leaves.


One thought on “2/30: Our Accidental Pumpkin Patch

  1. Ahh we did this same thing only ours was in the front yard right next to the porch. They started coming up and it was like wtf, where did these come from? We used them for jack-o-lanterns last halloween but we didn’t put them back we figured a garden would be a better place lol.

    P.dot.S – I love your new layout, I normally follow you on Google Reader, so I may be late to the punch but its great!

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