3/30: Early morning

Notes for the presentation I haven’t created (due in an hour and 15 minutes and here I am, blogging), the stupidly expensive room service coffee (W, you suck for not putting coffee makers in your rooms) and my work laptop (the ever-present laptop).  I’m debating leaving the laptop at home when we go on vacation, but it freaks me out.

Anyone else feel that way?


6 thoughts on “3/30: Early morning

  1. Definitely leave the laptop at home! Check your cruise line website, but when we cruised with Carnival in February, Internet was crazy expensive and totally not worth lugging around your laptop. The safe in the room was also not big enough for our laptop, so consider where you’ll “store” it when you’re not in your room.

  2. Leave the laptop…you’ll freak out for a couple days then you will actually enjoy the break. Plus ditto Heidi on the internet charges (included that from certain phones) on cruises being crazy!

    PS…do I spy a roll of green ribbon?

    • @Cece, Ha, good catch! Yes, I bought the ribbon two weeks ago to add to my DIY Kindle Case (the d*mn dog chewed up my nice leather one) and carried it in my bag. When I unloaded the huge thing while looking for a pen, I found the ribbon.

      This bag is WAY too big, huh?

  3. My weakness is the smartphone. The only time I gave it up was for our honeymoon. I made the hubs lock his phone away in the safe with mine, and it was BLISSFUL to go a full week without work interfering. I highly recommend leaving it all behind.

  4. I found you! I have never posted before, but I love your blog and your voice. I was SO sad when I though you had stopped blogging, and I couldn’t find out what had happened to your blog. Weddingbee to the rescue. I searched the site and found that you had moved here! 🙂 I am so happy to have found your new site, and I hope that you never stop blogging because you are such a wonderful inspiration.

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