DIY: Incognito camera case

My husband’s paranoia has infected me.  Now that I have this scary new big lug of a camera, I don’t want it to get stolen, so I refuse to buy a Nikon bag (because really, it just screams, “STEAL ME!”).

So I took this silly corporate throwaway lunch cooler thing,

added a padded interior, and voila!

Incognito camera bag!  There’s a little pocket on the bottom for spare SD cards (opening toward the wall so they don’t fly out) and another along the back for lens caps.  And it’s waterproof and somewhat protected from heat.

Of course, as someone so helpfully pointed out, this does nothing if someone wants to steal a lunch.


3 thoughts on “DIY: Incognito camera case

  1. Pretty awesome! I love how it is incognito… hopefully a hungry hippo doesn’t steal your camera in hopes of finding a PB&J! LOL!
    I think this works perfectly for now, BUT if you have some extra moola laying around, check out these bags. I do not own a big camera (yettttt!) but I thought these bags were gorgeous. They look like a normal bag, but seem like they would work well. I spent quite a bit of time on the site just lusting after these.

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