I'm baaaaack

We’re so glad to be home.  A vacation is a success when you’re ready to return to your real lives, even though real life doesn’t include beaches and frosty drinks.

Here I am having a frosty beverage at a yummy little restaurant in San Juan – El Bombonero, which I highly recommend.  More soon about the whole trip, including: loving my camera, not loving the cruise experience, loving some islands, not loving others, and why traveling can be hard on our relationship (but redeeming nonetheless).

Now I’m off to dig through 500 out-of-focus photos.  How do y’all focus? Center point only? Dynamic focus? Something else?  Ah, that reminds me, I have a book to recommend, but I couldn’t finish reading it because MY KINDLE HARDWARE TWEAKED OUT AGAIN.  On the first day of a week long beach vacay for which I packed not one real book.


2 thoughts on “I'm baaaaack

  1. I try to shoot mostly in manual mode so that I can adjust my focus location. My Nikon offers three autofocus spots. I rarely turn the AF off because I’m not very good at manual focus.

  2. Hi! In two months, my fiancé and I are honeymooning in San Juan for 4 days and then hopping on the exact same cruise you just took. It’s my first time in PR and my first cruise ever, so I’m dying to hear your review of it and get recommendations on what you liked/didn’t like (and especially which islands for what!). Any chance I can beg the review from you in the near future? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

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