A Year of Yes: week one

My Year of Yes hasn’t been through a full week yet, but already I’ve noticed some stuff:

  • I’m a grump.  My husband is a really silly guy — and I remember loving that about him when I first dated him — but I find myself shutting down the fun any chance I get.  Buzz kill.  I’ve tried to make the choice to laugh at him (with him, whatever) rather than respond in opposition lately.  We’re having fun.  On the other hand, I’ve now noticed how much he really likes to screw with me – any chance he gets.
  • Speaking of buzz kill, I really do react negatively to every. single. thing that crosses my mind or heart.  Well, not negatively, but in opposition.  Excitement gets concern; happiness gets anxiety; frustration gets Bright Side.
  • This can only be good for my career.  I’m at the point where soft skills define my success and, as a former manager once said, “whether people like you becomes the most important consideration in whether you get promoted, like it or not.”  Finding myself being naturally disagreeable isn’t good, though I do a fair job of masking that tendency at work.

Anyone else doing a Year of Yes-ish challenge? What are you noticing?


4 thoughts on “A Year of Yes: week one

  1. I’m not doing a year of yes-ish yet but you have be almost convinced. I’m a grump too and I need to get over it. ~ Jamie

  2. I have noticed that my mom is like that to my dad, whenever he makes a joke or kids around she is set on shutdown mode. My dads mom will most likely die this year after three strokes last year and she told my mom do not kill his joy I did that to my husband I regret it so bad.

  3. I used to love my husband’s silliness but the dizzying pace of normal life when you live together doesn’t always lend itself to ribbing and delaying the real response to a question with a joke. He totally picks at me deliberately sometimes too, so we’ve had many talks about the potential problems of digging at me to entertain yourself because I’m in a bad mood and being silly for the sake of trying to cheer me up. I prefer the latter, thank you!

  4. Huge ditto on the grump point… I’ve been consciously reminding myself to stop and enjoy the goofiness lately, and it’s been a huge improvement.

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