My pathetic attempt at Photoshopping…

(original from AquaVitae Design)


{The kitchen, not my Photoshopping skills.}


5 thoughts on “My pathetic attempt at Photoshopping…

  1. first, your photoshopping skills are amazing. I was like, where’s the picture she photoshoppped? eh it’s early, i’m slow.

    it looks pretty! I personally have a hard time with the open shelf thing because my dishes don’t all match nicely and sometimes it takes me awhile to get around to both filling and emptying the dishwasher, so a pretty open shelf like that would spend a lot of time looking awkward.

  2. I would have the same problem with open shelving as Roughit, but I love the look of it.

    I feel like there needs to be some height added. I know you’re a shorty, but just some decorative elements to draw your eye upward (the light fixture is a great start) would help, I think. As is, I’m not crazy about all that empty space above the shelves. Some cool art would solve that, I think. Of course, this is totally personal preference!

    Your Photoshopping skills are excellent, btw.

  3. I agree with the folks above. And I know you weren’t 100% sold on the blue cabinets in your earlier post (and if someone had asked me what color would you paint cabinets, I would have never said blue) but I like them! Love all the elements of this pic.

  4. I love it too. The blue and the gray go so well together! I’d also have the matching dishes shelving problem, but you could make it work!

  5. I love it! Well, all except for the light fixture. My taste doesn’t run quite that modern and it reminds me of a spider. As cool as I think they are most of the time, I wouldn’t want a giant one hanging over my table.
    I love the open shelving and the colors are fantastic, especially the light wood of the table, chairs and shelves. They definitely balance out the darker cabinets and countertop. I’m another one that probably would have been horrified at the idea of blue cabinets but those are amazing. Do it. Pretty please? 🙂

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