Kitchen response!

In response to your comments about the other kitchen picture — and since we all agree that dark blue painted cabinetry is surprisingly bad ass, I offer you this:

The layout of the cabinet wall is more similar to mine with the window in the middle (though mine is wider). I (awkwardly) changed the black countertop to stainless steel-ish.  I’m kind of loving the wood cabinets with painted doors, something we could definitely do here because the cabinet structure is solid wood.

On the open shelving: my thought is to use the shelving similarly to how restaurant kitchens use theirs – as a temporary storage location for the stuff you use every day.  So, I wouldn’t display anything, but I would have coffee cups hanging under the open shelves on the right side near the fridge and coffee maker; I’d stack plates and serving dishes near the stove on the left.

And then there’s this:

I am completely in love with this (and no, I don’t know where I got it because I SUCK).  Stainless-steel counters, bookshelves, and that little bitty set of drawers between the dishwasher and wall… I could do that.  I want that.  Please.

In my case, the little bitty drawers would fit between a new (normal-width) stove and the wall to fill the gap in the 42″ wide opening.  Since I’d have a stove where this pic has a dishwasher, the dish rack is out, but the bookshelves?

So. In.



4 thoughts on “Kitchen response!

  1. I really like this. Like the blue + wood combo. Like that the shelves are the same tone of wood. Love the stainless and would kill for that dish rack. Too bad stainless countertops wouldn’t really go with the rest of my kitchen because I have a husband who is very, um, wet. If you can drain dishes on them, they would be husband-proof. I bought a house with a kitchen that has a surprisingly large amount of drawers–two areas where they go from top to bottom of the cabinetry instead of a drawer/door combo. I wasn’t sure what I would do with them but now? I LOVE them. So I’m all for more drawers. And a good place for cookbooks. Also? I think the blue works because of the grey in it. And on my computer at least, these inspiration pics go quite well with your blog colors.

    • @cjm, I’m fairly certain you can drain dishes on them… since you can buy custom countertops with a drainboard built in! My husband is a freaking mess, leaving dribbles and drops and messiness everywhere he goes (in his defense, he gets up every morning to make the coffee and brings me a mug in bed, so he can get away with almost anything). Our stainless steel island wipes up beautifully, even if it’s days after he leaves a puddle of coffee hidden underneath the bag of bread (true story).

      Good thought on the gray in the blue… and on my pc they work well with my blog colors too. Apparently I’m consistent in the colors I like!

  2. Love the colors, the open shelving (that I’m too scattered for), and the cookbook shelf! We really want to change up our kitchen, but we don’t plan to stay at this house for the long term. I need to create a “what to do in the next kitchen” file!

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