{Update: you guys convinced me on the memory foam.  Next question: 2″? 3″? My husband gets hot easily, so should we consider the egg crate stuff?}

I rearranged the bedroom.  And while it’s not clutter-free, half of it is clutter-less, so that’s something.  The moving of clutter from one end of the room to the other led me to my next question:

Why do we keep clothes in the bedroom?

Seriously.  This is a real question.  Once upon a time I lived in a three bedroom house all by myself.  Because I didn’t like where the master bedroom was situated, I let it be the guest room, and I lived in one of the other rooms.  And because the bathroom had a closet with shelves — and a very nice space below them for throwing dirty clothes — I kept my clothes in the bathroom.


My underwear went in bins on one shelf, my pants and shirts rolled up on another.  Shoes lived in my bedroom, I think (or maybe in the hall closet), but I’d shower, dress, and get ready all in one room.

Come to think of it, in my Chicago apartment I did something similar, storing my clothes in the closet intended to be a coat closet.  It had shelves and a couple of rods – what more does a girl need?

So now, given our clutter is 99% clothing-related, I’m wondering at what point in history it became natural to store clothes in the bedroom?  Probably a long time ago, since people weren’t in the habit — historically — of showering every morning before putting clothes on, but we are now, and I think it’s time to change tradition.

Bedrooms, per all the smarty people who tell you how to improve your sleep habits, are for sleeping and sex. You are not to have bills or tv’s or anything not related to sex or sleeping in your bedroom. (How about p*rn-related tv or bills, I want to ask.)  Clothes do not fall into either category.  Clothes, therefore, may be stored elsewhere.

I like unconventional when it makes sense.

Problem is now, I have someone else to convince.  And I have to find this mythical place where we’ll store our clothes. (Though honestly? You could probably make a case that it’s the laundry room, given how bad we are at bringing clean clothes up from the basement and putting them away.  Putting clothes away is over-rated, I think.  Which reminds me, the blogger woman with the 14 adopted kids doesn’t store her kids’ clothes in their bedrooms.  She claims, understandably, that this would result in crazy times.  She stores their clothes, by size and owner, in the drawers in the laundry room.  Brilliant!)


4 thoughts on “Why??

  1. That is pretty brilliant, actually, when I think about it. And I KNOW that you have some extra rooms in your house that you could dedicate a guest room (of sorts) to your clothing, if you don’t do the laundry room option. Right? Right?

  2. My mom always cautioned me about bathrooms with clothes closets in them – clothes can get mildewy in a damp, humid bathroom. But I agree, why the bedroom? We keep our clothes in two bedrooms — ours and the guest room — because our closets are small. Here’s another question for you though: Do you keep your shoes in the same closet as your clothes? I might write a post about this… I find it to be a pretty silly place to keep shoes (tho that’s where we keep ours).

  3. We have two bi-fold door closets in our master bath and I love it. I was worried about the mildew factor when we moved in, but 7 months later, dampness is not a problem. Relatively high ceilings and good ventilation, I suppose. However, we do keep the hampers in the bedroom, and it’s a never ending battle to get my husband to just.put.the.clothes.in.the.basket. What’s worse, his messiness it catching, much like your husbands sleeplessness. The best thing about clothes in the bath? There are only 2 doors (entry and bathroom) in our bedroom to worry about when it comes to furniture placement. Mucho flexibility.

  4. Just catching up on your posts. We got a new memory foam mattress on Monday. It’s amazing. The Hubby has now fallen asleep before I can even turn off the lights- it’s amazing. I just blogged about the mattress we got- HUGE recommendation.

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