Something's gotta give (in this case, sleep)

Once upon a time I was a champion sleeper.  I come from a family of champion sleepers, too.  Call anyone in my family before noon on a weekend, you’re guaranteed to get a “What’s wrong?! Why are you calling so early?” in a sleepy voice.

My husband and his people, not so much.  And now he’s infected me with his sleeplessness.

We bought a new bed.  We sleep with separate blankets.  I don’t touch him in the middle of the night (no cuddling!).  We have a box fan going year-round.  He takes Benadryl “recreationally” (as a sleep aid).  We have dark curtains covering the windows with stuff leaning up against them to block any stray light.  Animals aren’t allowed to sleep with us.

All to no avail.  And since I’m infected with the bad sleep, I wake up with a sore neck (despite trying a bunch of different pillows), aching body, and bad attitude.  This week has been particularly bad for some reason.  So bad that last night, I was googling “Feng Shui for bedroom” on my Blackberry under the covers.

Something’s gotta give.  People, I am willing to spend money, if that’s what it takes.

And hey, as long as money’s being spent, a girl can dream, right?  This might be my favorite before and after.  So much drama.


And yes, I’m totally in love with Making It Lovely’s gorgeous bedroom redo.  Seriously, does the woman do anything mediocre?  I’m thinking no.

via Making It Lovely

Would it be terribly loser-ish of me to run right out and buy that exact same paint color?  You know how bad I am at picking paint colors, yes?  (I will remind you: no less than 10 coats on the living room fireplace wall. ‘Tis not right.)

And I want this lighting.  It had me at “DIY.”

via The Brick House

Someday we should play a game where I post home design pics and you tell me where they came from.  I bet you’d know! (Liz, my money’s on you for quickest right answer.)

My husband wants a ceiling fan — and I admit they’re nice to sleep under and not as freaking loud as the box fan he loves — but I’d rather have a couple of these.  In bright yellow, please (as long as we’re dreaming).

Via Young House Love

And one last thing.  We have a rather neat-o bay window-ish bump out in our bedroom.  (It’s “ish” because the room bumps out into a bay window shape, not just the window part.  I’d love to show you a picture, but I can’t find one, probably because our room is almost always completely trashed and therefore not available to model for the camera.)

Anyway, I want a window bench there with storage for books underneath and heavy curtains from one side to the other.  Not curtains following the angles of the window, but going straight across from wall to wall so when you close them, there’s a little hideaway spot for reading or napping or, I don’t know, something awesome.

A little bit like my hotel room at the W Seattle:

Imagine dark walls and buttercup yellow curtains going from wall to wall.  Yummy, yes?


But really, the thing we need most is to be able to sleep.  Our mattress is relatively new, very large, and good quality (individually-wrapped coils, thankyouverymuch).  Our pillows suck but we can’t find any better ones.  I bought black out curtains for each of the three windows.  As far as Feng Shui-ness, our feet don’t point to the door, we have no plants, and each side of the bed might be easily accessible if not for all the crap everywhere.  We do have a TV in there that looms over our heads, but we don’t ever turn it on so I could stick it in a closet.  We sleep with the bedroom door closed but the closet door is often open.

Any other ideas?  Burn sage? Dream catchers? (Bueller? Bueller?)


14 thoughts on “Something's gotta give (in this case, sleep)

  1. Memory foam. I’m telling you, it is the best thing ever. Since a memory foam mattress is probably out, since you have a newish mattress, anyway, think about getting a memory foam pillow. I’m a side sleeper and hated the curvy memory foam pillow, but I got a regular gussetted one and I love it. Love it. No more neck pain. No more back pain.

  2. I second the memory foam. We have it as a top to our bed…..HEAVEN. I also read somewhere you are NEVER EVER supposed to read in bed. They must have been crazy, though. Ain’t happenin’.

  3. Could it be the clutter? A messy bedroom can make it harder for me to sleep. Also, non-decor related: if allergy season is as bad there as it is here, that could be part of the problem. They also say looking at bright screens (like googling feng shui on you phone!) right before trying to sleep can confuse your body clock and affect sleep.

  4. I third the suggestion of memory foam. Our Tempurpedic mattress and pillows rock. And it also helps to pump up the air conditioning, drape all the windows, and really turn your room into a space for hibernation.

  5. You and I must be on the same wavelength – I’m constantly looking around the bedroom daydreaming about what it could be 🙂

    As for sleeping. I’ve had a memory foam pillow for 5 years now and love it. I think it cost in the hundred dollar range and weighs about 20 lbs – but I won’t sleep without it. I’ve also found if I’m the ‘least’ bit hot – I don’t sleep well – so worth it to me to have that AC on even though hubs like to see how long into the summer we can go without using it. Another thought – if your mind is racing keep a note pad (phone) by your bed so you can make a list to review in the morning and get the thoughts outta your head!

    You could also try what they say works for kids… go to sleep earlier 🙂 Supposedly the earlier you go to sleep the longer you sleep right???

    We’re in the midst of ceiling fan shopping which will be step 1 in doing SOMETHING with the room. We have a super nice ‘adult’ bedroom set we inherited – but it really needs all new ‘pulls’ to be more our style. And my goal is to have our bed feel like we are staying at a luxary hotel every night! I have my eye on some sheets – just need to fork over the dough. And I like my covers to have some ‘weight’ to them. I need to find a quilt/duvet cover I like so I can base the colors off of that. Then we can paint the walls and keep moving from there. Once we have a color for the walls I can pick fabric to make my wedding guest quilt with – cause I want it hanging in there. Ah a girl can dream. Drawer pulls, Duvet, and Paint shouldn’t be TOO hard to figure out should it?? Oh yeah – the hardest part – husband approval!

  6. Is it bad that I love the “before” AND “after?” I’ve never tried memory foam but have heard that it’s hot. Anyone? I think they make mattress pads out of it (like the old egg crates) which may be an option. And I don’t know if you have an IKEA near you, but they sell pillows based on how you sleep. Personally, I’m a stomach sleeper and have a hard time finding thin enough pillows. Until IKEA. They have similar ones for back sleepers, side sleepers, and I think back/side sleepers.

    Man, I love that bedroom. The actual space. The windows, that it feels like a tree house. Sigh…

  7. 1. Fans and ceiling fans for allergy sufferers (like myself) are not good, at least that’s what the studies show. However, it’s hot, we’re now in Texas, and there is no option but to sleep with a fan on.
    2. Pillows: might be worth their weight in gold. My mother-in-laws probably has something akin to memory foam pillows and I was the happiest camper alive after a night on those.
    3. As your post _today_ now implies, a clean, tidy room… well, you know where I’m going with this.
    4. I dig the dark and dramatic room – do you still have those CB curtains we both ordered? Because, like that picture that you’ve used a number of times, second one down, they would look killer in there.
    5. Also, I’ve also mentioned general physical activity (or lack thereof) really affects my body in more ways, and soreness, lack of quality sleep, etc etc are all factors that play in. (But you’ve heard this before…)

  8. Also – there is somewhere (Ikea or West Elm) that have curtain rods (not tracking – actual rods.. although the tracking might be nice. Anyways – instead of having a rod that runs across the empty window space, maybe you get get something that attaches above. (Unless the ceiling is cinder block as well!?)

  9. I’ll say this about memory foam: it feels awesome BUT it may be softer than it seems at first. My husband had a $1000+ full foam mattress that is now our guest mattress. After struggling with it for 1.5 years (hi, I’m cheap too) and alternating sleeping on the sofa or the guest bed because of back pain, I finally gave in and we bought a nice spring mattress with pillowtop on sale at Sears. A whole new world for me! As nice as that mattress was, I just couldn’t sleep on it long term without it causing problems. I think that it was because while I’m pretty proportional, most of my mass is in my pelvis and thighs, which meant my butt would sink in more than the rest of me, exaggerating the low back curve and exacerbating my back pain. It was fine for my manly hubby who’s pretty equally heavy everywhere, but not for me. I’m probably a weirdo and it’s not something you need to worry about, but I thought I’d tell you about how I failed on a really nice mattress.

  10. do you have a regular bed time routine? I know I don’t sleep well if I don’t go through my routine (brush hair, shower/wash face, moisturize, floss, brush teeth, stretch a little, take allergy & BCP, read a few pages of fiction -often my guy reads out loud while I snuggle him, LIGHTS OUT. If I miss any steps, I feel off and my brain gets stuck running around paths of midnight philosophy/stupidity in my head. I didn’t have a set routine before we moved in together, and would have my laptop in bed or a text book, but once I graduated/moved out of campus housing I decided that the bedroom would become an electronics/textbook free zone around bed time. Having defined spaces is good for cognitive training (teaching yourself that the bedroom is a calm relaxing place, not a place where an iphone is available to google every little idea in your head or study/work)

    re: pillows/bedding, next time you have a good nights sleep in a hotel, you can probably look in the info book and get the details of the bedding (and sometimes buy it!), or ask the front desk, or just strip the sheets and find out for yourself.

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