I have a p-p-p-plan

What is it about summer that finds me all fired up about home improvement projects?  More accurately, not fired up but frustrated and ready to change some things.

Flashback: I’m 10 years old, it’s 11pm on a June night, my mom and siblings and I are in the paint section of Wal-mart having the third (and final) attempt at finding the perfect color for the house mixed.  Then we go home and start painting.  At midnight.

Suddenly it all makes a little more sense, doesn’t it?

With all this talk about how we don’t sleep, I’m ready to address those things I have control over: paint, curtains, bedding, and lighting. Will we sleep better? Who knows!  I do know, though, that having a place to sleep and relax is important, and our bedroom is a freaking mess.

So, while having a wholly non-productive day on Saturday (was awesome!), we swung by Home Depot and picked up a gallon of Martha Stewart low-VOC paint in Zinc.

Why do advertisers pay bloggers like Nicole at Making It Lovely to try their products?  Because people like me head right out to buy them.  I’m a bloggabee (blogger+wannabe) who sucks at choosing paint colors so I go with what’s worked for other people.  I love it! (And Martha Stewart or Home Depot should totally be compensating Nicole.  I’ve been a Glidden gal for years, switched to Olympic when they went low-VOC, and am now buying Martha Stewart paint because Nicole said so.  That’s worth some compensation, people.)

Gallon of paint: check.

Extra cheap paint roller: check. (I prefer them to the expensive ones.)

Expensive 2 1/2 in angled Purdy brush: check. (Totally worth the extra money.)

Tape: nope, don’t need it. (I use the angle brush and nuthin’ else for corners and edges.)

A husband willing to do the paint rolling: check. (I’m a painting ninja… but painting with the roller gives me upper back spasms for 3+ days.)

Motivation: waiting….

A plan: check.


The plan:

Zinc Paint.

(From Making It Lovely)

Blue (men’s-shirt color) bedding.

(From Home Depot website – ignore the paint tester and just go with the color.)

Buttercup Jensen curtains from Crate and Barrel.

(No longer available but this is the color.)

And my favorite yellow chair.

And I’ll throw together some bright white curtain shady things to fit inside each of the three window panels.

We’re still figuring out lighting (probably white to brighten up the dark room and ceiling) and window seat (a bigger project that will have to wait until we get some other things done).  I’m chewing on various ideas for where else our clothes should go, too.


Here’s where you come in: I’m debating also throwing in accents of grassy green.  Is that one accent color too much?  My goal is to have a soothing and restful space that’s also “us” – with bright pops of happy colors.


2 thoughts on “I have a p-p-p-plan

  1. We would never be able to paint a room together as I like the exact same parts as you. Love cutting in with an angle brush. No tape. Hate the roller. 🙂 Might I also add that we, too, bought paint at Wal-Mart when I was younger? But we couldn’t afford to go back to buy a replacement color if the first didn’t turn out. Perhaps that’s how I learned how to get good at picking a paint color the first time. I have to admit, there have been some failures but I’ve hauled a can of just-bought paint back to Home Depot to make them add more brown to a green. They looked at me like I was crazy but did it anyway. And the paint color was then perfect.

    To answer your question, I think those 3 colors are great and a little grass green would not be accent color overload.

  2. Love the color – we went with something just a touch lighter for our second bedroom and bathroom plans. We’re moving in a month and I just can’t help but want to figure it all out now to avoid prolonged living out of boxes and bland white walls. I say go for the grassy green, too! My suggestion would be to keep it mostly mixed with your other colors and in pretty patterns – there are what looks like mostly large blocks of solid color going on so patterns with the green can keep it from looking just thrown in the mix.

    Can’t wait to see some photos!

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