I'm SUCH a bloggabee

Yes, I made that word up.  It means Blogger + Wannabe.  I’ll prove it:

After seeing Nicole’s lovely bedroom redo, I ran out and bought the same paint color.

After reading about Sara’s journaling habits, I started lusting after that exact same Moleskine.  After a week of obsessing, I finally broke down and bought the darned thing.  {And, ahem, the colored markers.}

After seeing this post about how bloggers all have sailor shirts (yes, you guessed it), I chose a navy blue striped Lands’ End t-shirt while shopping with my mother-in-law.  I look horrid in it, will have to take it back.  And it’s not like I thought, “Ooh, bloggers wear sailor shirts!” but more like I thought, “Oh, yes, I’ve been wanting a sailor shirt!”

When I first considered a DSLR, I remembered that Jenna shoots Canon.  That (and their fabulous customer service) swayed me into buying a Rebel XS.

Later, while debating whether to upgrade my DSLR, I remembered Penny’s post about her happiness with her D90 and added it to my list to consider (I ultimately bought it).

After reading about Creature Gorgeous’s choice in DSLR’s, I wished I’d bought a 4:3.


See?  I’m a bloggabee.  On the bright side, I can say the wanting of the thing came from within, but the details are always, always influenced from without.

This, though, is why advertising through bloggers works.  I am terribly indecisive, I read your blog, you went through the effort of researching and making a decision — AND you post your feedback!  Why wouldn’t I follow your lead?  Granted, I follow my own lead sometimes, but it’s like a big extended network of neighbors giving feedback.  I love it.

Anyone else wanna admit to being a bloggabee?  C’mon, ‘fess up.


9 thoughts on “I'm SUCH a bloggabee

  1. You totally convinced me to buy the Kindle. I love it. =D

    Of course, less than 2 weeks after I bought it, they reduced the price by like $80. >=(

  2. I’m always swayed by any baby product review by OmgMom. Mandy says something, and I file it away in my mental folder of hypothetical baby purchases. Hopefully, by the time I actually need to buy these things, I’ll read some other reviews too because that’s only smart. But really, my virtual trust of her opinion amazes me. It’s almost like my internal independently driven consumer died.

  3. {raises hand, prepared with an excuse}

    I read a lot of food blogs. I learned how to cook from them and really expanded the things I’m willing to try cooking or eating. And tonight, I’m making curry inspired by Oh She Glows.

    I figure this is just a new way of “keeping up with the Jonses” or a version of needing to wear the coolest jeans that Everyone wears in junior high. But without the negative twist. Because you’re just learning what’s available and seeing what works well for others.

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