We're summering in the basement!

I have, at last, convinced my husband that we should go through the effort of moving ourselves to the basement for the summer.  It’s at least 10 degrees colder down there.  Oh, how we love a frigid bedroom in the summer!
Bonus: living (er, sleeping) down there gives me a chance to decide what I need to do to make the basement livable… and maybe even inviting!  I’ve been missing my family, would love to invite them to visit and have a cool and comfy guest suite ready for them.
Step one, then, is for us to start living in the bedroom.  Here it is:


I think I’ll paint the floor the same black as the rest of the basement.

MTM_2010-06-24_112.jpg, originally uploaded by MarisaLovesCats.

Imagine white curtains over the windows and a bed-less king bed against the left wall (not the one you see there, which is queen-sized and therefore too small for us). A few books in the built-in and some coat hooks along the right side for robes and such, and we’re good to go!

What color should I paint that cool (yet creepy) built-in? Black and shiny? (maybe too dark) White and shiny? (maybe too country) Yellow and shiny? (maybe too loud?) Blue and shiny? (perhaps)  The thing is really big and awkward in that corner, but in it’s original spot (between the windows) prevents us from putting a bed there, so, it’s gotta stay where it is.

It came with the house and is well-built, but reminds me of a prop for a scary movie.  But, hey, it’s already there and in great condition, so let’s see what a little paint can do.  Painted furniture immediately makes me think “country,” (not my thing) so I’m struggling a bit.  I want it to be punchy but not Crayola, delightful but not ridiculous, bright but not overwhelming.

Inspiration photos (all sources unknown because I suck):


4 thoughts on “We're summering in the basement!

  1. Paint it all glossy white – I think what works is that the bright pieces are stand alone furniture versus yours is a built in. I think you need to change out the hardware (handles and mounting brackets) AND do me a favor and knock out that top wavy piece. From the looks of it that piece is a decorative piece that’s added after. Those two things should cut down on the countrificatoon if it all. If you want a bright punchy piece do that side table in bright red it green or whatever. Then get a piece or two of bright art and bam your good!

  2. I agree– that wavy bit needs to come off. I think you could paint it pretty much any color after that and it wouldn’t look too country. I like a medium blue/lavender gray on bedroom furniture. Good luck!

  3. Liz is right – new hardware and getting rid of the scalloped top will help de-countrify it.

    I think a color would be great, though. I like your green sample (my favorite color) — but does it mean anything that you showed three orange samples? Is that your favorite? I don’t like black and orange unless it’s Halloween or a sports team, but if the floor isn’t black you could go that way for the furniture.

    Back to Liz’s point: a glossy white with new hardware will make it sleeker, and you could go with a smaller color piece that’s less of a big statement. If you’re thinking blue, a cool white with blue undertones might work.

  4. Yes to what everyone said. If you can’t knock out the scalloped top, just cut it straight across. To me, painted furniture definitely doesn’t = country. And shiny hardly (dare I say never?) = country. I wouldn’t mind it being a bold color. Keeping walls white?

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