Basement bedroom: inspiration numero dos

It’s time to start moving furniture into the basement.  As of this moment, my husband believes we will move a bed and no more. The poor guy hates (hates, HATES) moving furniture.  He said to me, “When we’re ready to move back to the main floor, can we just buy another bed so we don’t have to move this one?”  Right.  The one we haven’t moved yet, the ginormous king-sized bed that will be way too big for that bedroom.  And we own four beds already.  Four beds (three of them queen-sized), two people.  We have beds on top of beds, box springs hidden away in walk-in closets.

Moving on.

{Because we all know I’m not a move-just-the-bed kind of a person.}

The bedroom is now all white, including floor to ceiling curtains (because I already own a ton of white microfiber fabric).  Once I convince my husband that putting holes into the walls won’t further compromise the structural integrity of our house, that is.

Remember we like punches of accent colors, believing them to be “happy.”  We also like to not spend money on things that are likely to be peed on at some point, things like rugs.


We have two of these throw-rug things from Ikea.  Happy colors? Check.  Easily washed? Check.  Overly ethnic? Perhaps.

Then there’s this chair:

I’m thinking about having the bedroom’s general color scheme a palette of washed-out dreamy blues of various intensities with the yellow chair being the accent.


I do love washed out blues and red (despite reminding me of my high school’s colors), and I have this little cutesy side table that I could paint bright red, a la this Mikado table:

(found via


My local Big Lots has these cutie pie outdoor garden drums (translation: tables) that I really like as bedside tables:

What do you think?  Blue sheets, red accents, white walls, kick the yellow chair elsewhere?  Or blue sheets, white walls, yellow accent chair?  What would be more enjoyable for people coming to stay? I think I’m going for summery and casual, though I will need to warm things up (in decor and temperature) when the weather cools down, so that’s something to keep in mind.


One thought on “Basement bedroom: inspiration numero dos

  1. I LOVE the combo of blue and yellow (exhibit A: our wedding). So that’s my vote 🙂 I think it would look great to paint the ceiling a light blue, have blue sheets, and the yellow chair. Maybe a light yellow (easily washable, ha) area rug? I think a mixture of light to medium blues and yellows will really give you a summery feel. For winter you can just move towards the darker end of the blue spectrum? Also, what about painting the back of the bookshelf like this ( for some added color. Excited to see which direction you go in!

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