Basement bedroom: update numero uno

The good news: the built-in is now painted.
The bad news: the scallopy thing isn’t trim.  Our predecessors in this house were nothing if not thorough.  That, dear friends, is a custom-cut piece of solid wood.  It also appears to be structural.  Grrrr.
MTM_2010-06-26_046, originally uploaded by MarisaLovesCats.
This house was lovingly “updated” by a very nice gentleman who was definitely a MAN.  I’ll explain by way of an example: the kitchen cabinets are made of high-quality, beautiful solid wood, which were then primed and faux-painted in wood grain (I shit you not) and covered with cheap plywood doors.
Only a man would put the good quality stuff into the structure and crappy stuff where you’d see it (but, you know, it wouldn’t matter functionally).  My husband is the same way, except that he won’t cut corners anywhere.  If he had to, though, he’d have done the exact same thing.
Anyway, the built-in: it’s high-gloss white because Liz said (and was the first to respond, didn’t require me to choose a color, and I happened to have half a gallon of glossy white).  As far as the frilly thing, I’m leaning toward finding some super duper graphic fabric (maybe a stripe?) and covering it.  Don’t know yet.
This is where we are today:

I’m debating leaving the floors in the peeling blue to just not have to mess with them, but I know it’ll drive me nuts later… so perhaps I’ll suck it up and paint them today, delaying our move by another day.

Today’s question: how do we feel about painted (in color!) ceilings?    Like this:

(source note: the picture is from Dwell, but the creepy guy on the bed is An Artist, something that apparently explains why he has a very large photo of a woman’s bottom over his bed.  Look, I get that it’s an upside down bottom, which is Artistic, but I couldn’t comfortably post it here.  So, pls ignore my censorship and pay attention to the lavender ceiling  If you want to see the original, click here.  Consider yourself warned… and of course, unable to resist now that I’ve said all this.)

So, ceilings?  My dining room walls are painted the loveliest almost-but-not-quite-yellow ceiling paint I bought at Walmart years ago and have color-matched ever since.  The basement ceilings are yucky and I’m wondering if adding that little teeny tiny bit of warmth would be a good thing?  Ooh, or maybe even a warm barely-blue! (Because falling into that deep dark pit of options seems like a brilliant idea.)

Also, I have very few inspiration pics of white-walled rooms since that’s typically not my thing, but hey, here we are.  Wanna share yours?  I don’t think we can manage a pristine all-white bedroom (also: no thanks).   The next post will undoubtedly be about what to do once the abhorrent (creeeeepy) parts of the room have been mitigated.


5 thoughts on “Basement bedroom: update numero uno

  1. Usually I don’t go for painted ceilings, but in this case…maaaaaaybe. Light light light blue. Like the sky. And paint the floors. Yes, it will delay things, but when you get everything to a much better point before moving in, you won’t find yourself moving everything out one day because you’ve decided that you can’t stand [insert x, y, and z here]. Because I would do the very same thing.

    Yes? Yes. 🙂

  2. I vote to paint the floors, it will drive you crazy if you don’t and it’s much easier now while there is limited “stuff” in the room! However, I’m on the other side with the painted ceiling…I vote for non-painted ceilings. However, I should clarify that the reason for this is we are slowly but surely repainting all of the “light tan” ceilings in our house ceiling white. The prior owners painted every since square inch of this house with gloss paint. For example my closet was at once point Gloss barney-purple! So, we have tan gloss ceilings, and it’s amazing what going back to white is doing for the look of our rooms that get very little natural light. That said, I would LOVE to paint our porch ceiling the light, light, light blue that Liz mentions above…so I agree that could maaaaybe be an option 😉

  3. Painted floors, painted floors!!! I do like the painted ceiling as long as it’s done in the ‘right’ color. I’ve seen some terrible ones, but I think you can pull it off. It will be a nice contrast between the floors and the walls. You can see a light light blue ceiling on Young House Love, in their baby’s room.

  4. I want to give you a suggestion for your hated scalloped trim. What about covering it with thick crown molding to make it appear even more built- in?
    The glossy white looks great and I think this would be a clean and sophisticated answer to your frustrations. Young House Love did something similar with their bedroom closet solution and it’s a really easy and cheap project.

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