When is your "us" time?

A friend of mine talks with her husband while he’s in the shower.  He showers, she sits on the toilet and talks to him.  Others talk in the morning over coffee, at bedtime, over “cocktail hour.”  Since my husband and I first dated, we’ve not really found a consistent time that works for us, so I’m curious:

When is your “us” time?


18 thoughts on “When is your "us" time?

  1. Dinner time. No tv, we sit down at the dinner table and talk. Sometimes, if the weather is nice, we bring our drinks to the balcony after dinner and sit out there.

  2. I love shower bathroom time! I try to spend time with Turtle when she’s watering the plants – she’ll take care of things and I hang out and watch 🙂 I mean, help. Yeah.

  3. Usually right before bed. And because I’m more chatty then, we try to go to bed earlier so that we go to sleep around the same time as bedtime used to be.

  4. E and I chat on the phone after work… we’re a long-distance couple so it’s a nice way to unwind in the evenings. Or unload all my crap on him if I’ve had a bad day 😀

  5. Dinner! He has a long drive home to decompress and I use the time I’m cooking/getting ready for dinner for mine (since I have like a 2 min. commute). After we’ve both had a little time, space….we are ready to share about our days, our thoughts, what’s really going on.

  6. We catch up every evening while walking the dogs. It’s a nice way to unwind after a long day and let each other know what’s been going on with their day.

  7. My FI and I have what we call favorite time of day and when I get home we lay on the bed and talk. It is great because it takes all the work stress from me and gives him a break from school work. We also try and go to a place like Starbucks on Sundays and have a relaxing breakfast, this is better I will admit because we live in Southern California so we can be outside 90% of the year.

  8. Hmmm we don’t have a specific time. We usually DON’T talk in the mornings… he’s grumpy! 🙂 We don’t talk going to bed – I’m always in bed an hour before him at least. We text and email all day – if I don’t say something when it’s on my mind – I’ll forget it. A lot of times I’m still working when he gets home so he’ll come into the office and get on his computer and we catch up some. If we do make dinner I insist the TV is off, laptops closed, and blackberries are turned over 🙂 Last night we went for a walk – but that is rare. If we take the dogs there’s no talking because we don’t end up walking together! Usually the nights involve an hour of lounging and watching TV and talking. I’m sure we’ll have to be more intentional between the feeding, changing, and crying that is to come.

  9. We don’t have a specific time. If he doesn’t have school its normally around dinner time, if he has school its just chatting and messaging all day. =)

  10. Walking anywhere (we are car-less), and over coffees after work. About once a week Rich will come into town to meet me and we will sit in Starbucks for an hour and just talk. I love it.

  11. We take a walk every night, longer of course when the weather is nice, and we talk. Those are my favorite times, just walking and talking, catching up on life.

    When it’s winter and we’re on the treadmills with other people around, we tend to talk more over dinner.

  12. Our ‘us’ moments occur whenever we find time between fixing whatever just broke in the house (this week its the A/C unit) and our jobs. We try for 1 ‘no TV’ dinner a week, 1 cocktail hour a week, and 1 walk/week.

  13. We also do the no TV at supper rule – and so we usually talk then. If for some reason one of us isn’t home for supper, then we will often chat when we go to bed…which I think drives my husband crazy because he is always tired and I have trouble being quiet! 🙂

  14. Love the new look!

    Our “us” time happens while we commute together to work.. He works 40 miles from home and I work an additional 20 miles away, so we carpool together. We have a 2-seater commuter car, and it’s really nice to have that time alone with each other in such a small space.

  15. Our “us” time is usually while making and eating dinner. i’m a chatty girl so I usually have lots of stories to tell about my day. Josh doesn’t tell stories the same way I do so the overview of his days are usually “Good day. Did more work on that project. Productive.” and so on. I’m a bit more…verbose. We find other things to talk about (usually something ridiculous about my mom/his mom/his sister/our cats/my silly friends/his silly friends) for a little while longer then settle into our tv/internet time. Works for us 🙂

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