Basement bedroom, update numero dos

From this:

To this:
Yea, big woop. We’ll call this 1/3 of the way through. Definitely not impressive.  But hey, it’s progress.

Status check:

Floors painted: check.

Walls touched up: check.

Built-in painted: check.

Curtains: half check.  (Maybe a quarter check, actually.)

The curtains themselves aren’t bad, though you can see how stupid they look mounted on a tension rod.  We’ll have to hang a real curtain rod up near the ceiling.  Also, I’m going to suck it up and paint the ceiling.  And really, I think I might try to convince my husband that the built-in has to go.  The thing is ugly and lends to the creepy-1970’s feeling.  Also? Not symmetrical, which is driving me nuts!

I painted this cutie patootie table in bright red, which I love… but in this room, it’s tiny!  We’ll have to see how this all plays out.  I’m at the dejected point in the DIY cycle.

I’m off to review my inspiration files and maybe do a mood board or something… sigh.

Update: we’re taking out the built-in, storing it somewhere. Score!

Update (yes, again, because I am this neurotic): I’m in love with this (a la Decor8’s moodboard contest 2008, via good ol’ Dooce)…

See that one up there, #3? That, I think I could do.  Black floors, white walls, accents of yellow, and above all: warm and comfy.  Right?  You’d want to stay in that room if you came to visit me?  #6 and #8 are also super awesome, as is, of course, #17, but I’m not spending that much moolah on a rug, so it’s out.  I could, however, spring for some yellow here and there.  And maybe add a yellow edge (piping?) to the curtains I’ve already half-made.  Plus, I already have blue sheets and yellow accents.  Strange, seems like I’ve mentioned this blue and yellow thing before.

If this doesn’t work, I swear to God I’m doing burlap curtains just because they seem fun.  Strike that.  They’d be a total b*tch to sew, right?

ARGH!  Liz, honey sweetie pie?  Don’t you really want to come visit the lovely state of Tennessee?  I’d let you boss me around and everything, as much as you wanted to!


5 thoughts on “Basement bedroom, update numero dos

  1. I love that mood board. I’d totally want to relax in that room!

    I’m naming your current state of mind as ‘pre-nesting’. And damn you move fast and get things done! I’m envious. Hopefully after my visit to Ikea this weekend I’ll be able to complete my ‘nesting’ (well of the nursery). I think then I’ll have to focus on more purging before I can tackle another room.

    • @Jilian, Yowza, I need to deal with the mess I made of my template. The bright green on this page is hideous, and the turquoise on the main page is terrible!

      Anyway, pre-nesting is true, although I think I’ve been pre-nesting since I was 20! And you made me feel better. I’d been feeling like I was moving super slowly, but I suppose not, once I think about it. We slacked off and didn’t move our furniture last night, so I was a little poopy about it.

      How are you feeling?? When are you due? (Are all those questions still fair game to ask a pregnant woman? I don’t know anymore!)

  2. hello ~ I saw this today about a basement-bedroom makeover and thought of you. It even is done with greys and yellows! Thought I’d share, in case you hadn’t seen it:

    I really like what they did to the ceiling, very funky but gives a dreamy feeling, and definitely hides the basement-ness! I also like your idea of painting the ceiling. I think you have quite a bit of progress already!

  3. So. I would come in a flash, seriously. Even though I have a complete aversion to mosquitoes (which, I feel inhabit your neck of the woods as well as my current jungle of a backyard) – I take free flights via points as my sole form of payment. Yep, would be there in a sec. Dwell on that, kay? (I don’t have enough points of would use this as an apt opportunity).

    1. The red table will work when you get some more furniture in there.
    2. The tension rod in window, yes, is awkward. Is the ceiling drywall? Can you start mounting all sorts of curtains to the ceiling?
    3. I love your moodboard, and the one featured on Design Sponge. See what white can do??? I LOVE the latter’s nubbly orange/yellow upholstered headboard. And your inclusion of yellow….hmm

    Seriously. Let’s start stalking last minute fares from ATX to Knoxville and I’ll be there. (This is due to the fact that we don’t have the cash to do what we need to do to our place and it’s KILLING me!)

    Although, now that you mention it, maybe this is the inspiration I need to get some more stuff at our place done…hmm….

  4. Also – did you use matte paint on the walls? I was kind of scared of it b/c of our last apartments walls’ tendancies to flake and chip when you tried to wash them, but considering that our current abode is a mish-mash of DIY gone lazy, matte paint has helped IMMENSELY to hide every one of the million+ of its flaws. I highly recommend (although go the slightly mid-range BM options)

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