Inspiration for the long, long weekend

From my (of course, lacking sources) “Outside” inspiration folder:

A pretty table for a casual evening… in a climate cooler than ours.

Twinkly lights and blue, blue skies…

A pretty, happy, very French table for chats and glasses of wine and girlfriends….

Am I the only one who thinks, “Um, ticks!” when they see this next picture?  Beautiful otherwise.

This is better:

We’re throwing a 4th of July party because we don’t have any plans (when in doubt, invite people over)… but of course, our backyard is a mess, our house needs to be pressure-washed, and we have pro-level mosquitoes.  Oh, well.  Our friends don’t generally care, but we’ll see how much pressure-washing and twinkly-light-hanging can be done between then and now.

Do you have outdoor party tips and tricks to share?


3 thoughts on “Inspiration for the long, long weekend

  1. If you have a fly problem, hang a ziploc bag full of water somewhere high where it will catch a breeze. Apparently, the movement and subsequent reflection of the water messes them up and they stay away.

    Also? Lots of beer. In your neck of the woods I’d recommend Fat Tire or Yuengling Light (neither of which I can get in KY, but make sure to get in East TN).

  2. I LOVE Fat Tire, though we prefer to drink Mexican beer in the summer. Seriously, it doesn’t get skunky when it warms up, for some reason (excluding Corona, which doesn’t count as “Mexican beer” the same way Taco Bell doesn’t count as “Mexican food”).

    Wow, I think I found my bright green color change. Ew.

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