Basement bedroom (sort of): update numero tres

DSC_1296, originally uploaded by MarisaLovesCats.

This is the dead-ended hallway outside the basement bedroom, which, honestly, I am totally and completely loving. As a late-night reader — with a husband who isn’t — I struggle to find ways to get what I need (a break from thinking through reading) without the things I don’t (a grumpy hubby). So I plan to read in this little nook, a quick scream from a weapon-wielding hubby (I have weird graphic creep-outs at night) but with a light-blocking door between us.

Side note: Oops, I should paint that door frame. I didn’t because the door is solid wood, but the door frame looks really weird.

That said, something’s off. Not sure what. I might turn the bookshelf on end so it’s slightly taller, though I like that it, like the chair, is low to the ground. But the chair and swoopy light are awkward for some reason, and the whole thing doesn’t feel cozy and awesome enough.

Once we move out of the basement, I’d like to store books here anyway, because how fun is it to visit someone and have access to their books? So awesome! I’m even debating moving my big Expedit to the wall on the left of this photo.

I’m working until 8:00 pm tonight, so the most we can hope to accomplish is moving the bed to the basement… but the poopiness that is that room right now is a whole other blog post. It’s so… stark.


8 thoughts on “Basement bedroom (sort of): update numero tres

  1. Would the built-in from the bedroom work in this corner? I love the idea of a bookshelf, here, and a corner nook sort of shelf could be really cute.

    • @kylydia, Hey, good idea! On the right side, right? I’m trying to remember if the ceiling is the same height in both rooms (bc I shouldn’t go down and look, I’ll just end up hanging out and trying things, and I really should be showering before my next set of meetings starts in 15 minutes). Not a bad idea!

      • @Marisa, Exactly! On the right side, and maybe switch out the big floor lamp for a more cozy table lamp? Also, of course, a cute little lap quilt would brighten up the space a bit.

  2. I think it needs a small area rug — it’ll give it the sense that this is an intentional space, a reading nook, instead of just pulling furniture into the hallway.

  3. Oooh, the built in might work there, like kylydia said. And I think a nice rug under the chair would help. it would soften things up… right now you have the black floor against the white walls, plus the sharp edges of the chair and the bookshelf.

  4. A small rug and a splash of color on the bookshelf (perhaps an arrangement of fake flowers? or anything with some color, really) would warm this right up!

  5. Love the idea of storing books in the guest area! I always try to set out magazines for guests, and we have bookshelves in our guest room as well.

    Also love the whole concept of a dedicated reading nook. I recently discovered a new favorite reading spot in our house, and it makes me happy.

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