He-lloooo, gorgeous (new template)! Come here often?

So, wow.  I mean, WOW.  If you typically read my blog through a reader, good for you (because I tweak my darned template constantly, only succeeding in making it uglier)… but today, you should click through.  Really.  Because, well, look:

Yes, folks, that is My. Very. Own. Template!  How freaking fabulous is that?

And, ooh, oooh, ooooh, look at the footer!

Mmm, hmm!  That’s me, looking all sassy, and my husband, looking all hot, and my animals, looking… well, like the royally spoiled pain in the butt’s they are!

Yes, of course, this is the work of the fabulously talented Joy of How Joyful.  Of course! Oh, I’m so in luuuurve.  You should go buy one too!


7 thoughts on “He-lloooo, gorgeous (new template)! Come here often?

  1. Oo, pretty!
    Your subtitle is new as well? I don’t remember having noticed it before. it reminds me of an Alanis Morrisette song that I loved back in the day, sweet!

  2. Love it! I want one too but am on a very restricted budget at the moment, and unfortunately prettify-ing my blog comes at the very end of that list. Ah well. Love her work and your blog though!

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