And so, the big question(s)…

As aptly stated in an email to me from my bff:

What gives your life meaning?  What guides the way you live?


I’ve often toyed with the idea of writing a series of posts titled, “Remedial Relationships.”  Anyone else feel like everyone else knows to do and say and discuss obvious things, but you somehow missed that day in life?  Jen’s email to me, where she noted that she and her husband have identified this, that, and those people as the meaning-givers in their relationship, reminded me.  I should do that sometime.

I’d note obvious things I had to learn, like “he will drive you nuts but yelling won’t fix it,” and “asking other people for guidance isn’t being disloyal.”  Also, “have a conversation at some point about the things you feel give meaning to your joint life,” because I totally missed that one.  It makes sense but didn’t occur to me.


We’re still working through those questions.  Okay, okay, to be perfectly honest, I’m still working through those questions and soon we’ll actually talk about them together.  If I don’t know my mind beforehand, our “conversations” deteriorate into frustrated attempts to figure out from each other what we don’t know ourselves.  So, I’m thinking.

And while I think, I’m curious: do you have your answers?


One thought on “And so, the big question(s)…

  1. YES! Even the lessons that are obvious intellectually still have to be learned emotionally, or we’ll (ahem, I will) forget to use them.

    BTW, love the new design!

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