My birthday wish list

I’m reminded, as I type the title, of the discomfort I felt during wedding planning. Something about throwing a really big party for yourself feels kind of (dare I say it?) narcissistic, or at least, it felt that way to me… and now I feel the same way blogging about a gift wish list for my birthday.

And yet I keep typing.

In no particular order, I would be thrilled with any of the following:

FlickR Pro account. At just $24.95, a steal! (Although I secretly admit I’ve forgotten why I wanted the pro account so badly.  I just know that I did.  Er, do.) Remembered why I wanted it: because I hit my free upload limit on the third day of the month. Hubby suggested I just buy the membership, so I did.

Picnik Premium account. Again with the cheapness.  Also despite having Photoshop Elements on my laptop, which just seems like overkill, to be honest.

A photography class. Not sure which one, but I’m guessing the options in Knoxville are pretty limited.   No problem, since my photographic skills are pretty pathetic.

A wireless remote control for my camera, again, cheap! (Under $20, thanks, Nikon.) I got a Bing cashback award from buying my camera ($20 on $1000+, woo) so I used that to buy this… but from eBay because apparently Amazon doesn’t take Paypal?  Weird.

A tripod. Here’s where things get a little murky.  I’m not sure which tripod, but I know I want a relatively lightweight yet still super-awesome one.  Like this, which may or may not fit that bill. Yea.  Or just this one.

A new lens.  Oh, the irony.  Wanting a new zoom lens is how I ended up deciding to sell my old camera and buy my awesome D90… and now, instead of wanting a new zoom lens, I want a new prime. Sheesh!  That’s the most expensive path to a cheap lens ever.

This print.  I blame Liz, who was all, “Art! Art! Art!” after which I couldn’t help but browse Etsy while thinking, “Art?”  This is definitely art.  And I love it.

The dreamy Diana lens.  Yes, back to the stuff for my alm0st-but-not-quite-hobby.

A Cloak Bag.  Maybe.  It looks like it could be super cool, but I’m also looking for a camera bag that will cradle the weight of the lens against the base of the bag rather than having it hang off the plastic housing.  So, this wouldn’t do that, but does seem cool.

More art.  Love it, even though it’s a little disturbing.

Hello, my pretty.

This one, pretty please.

Oh, please, please, please?


2 thoughts on “My birthday wish list

  1. 1. I love the kites! And the lake pic – of course, the latter b/c I WANT it too.
    2. We’re a family that demands gift lists, lest you get four sets of measuring spoons, which, I have.

    (I’m so happy you’re progressing on the art front. One day I’ll make you pull the trigger. And then we’ll work on lamps. mm kay?)

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