I've been so very grumpy

I sat outside yesterday, determined to take advantage of the sunny evening, quiet time, and chair on the back deck calling my name.

The month before I finally bought my camera, I visited a photography shop in Seattle.  “What kind of photos do you take?” asked the mohawked guy behind the counter, the videographer who shoots promotional shots for Nikon commercials.

“Mostly colors,” I replied with a blush.  “And dog noses.”


I’m struggling with this series of pictures.  I want to make them less yellow, less saturated, less overwhelming, but the evening was all of that – overwhelming, saturated, yellow because of the sunlight glinting off the green-ness.  I constantly fought the urge to look away, read a book, write in my journal… something, anything to avoid the thing that brought me out there.


Oh, wait, that was my grumpy mood.  Very, very grumpy.  It lasted all day and into the night, until I finally gave up and came to bed.  I can’t seem to shake it, despite my best efforts: talking to my mom, shopping for supplies for a new project, sitting outside, flipping through Domino, writing in my journal.

Talking to my monsters has proven very effective at calming the voice in my head, but I haven’t found a solution for grumpiness.  Disconnectedness.  Blah-ness.

Even getting to live in this place hasn’t worked, so something must be up.  I’m off to read Destuckification 101.


4 thoughts on “I've been so very grumpy

  1. Hmmm. Ice Cream? A couple hours reading a no-thinking book. Cleaning the kitchen. A day in my craft room. Tennis Match. Just some things that sometimes help me break a funk.

    Usually mine tend to be a result of being so freakin overwhelmed which results in feeling like a failure. I still haven’t figured out how to set my expectations lower.

    Good luck with breaking out of the grumpiness!

  2. I have so many days like that. They really suck, I’m sorry your stuck in a funk. Maybe I’ll learn how to chase them away someday (if I do, I’ll be sure to share), but for now I settle for holding on and riding through until the mood storm dissipates.

  3. I’ll join the grumpy mood club!! In a total funk. Usually it’s due to hormones, but now I think it’s due to my pending birthday. I hate birthdays. It’s summer and no one is around and in CA it always ends up being overcast so the day just ends up being blah.

    PLEASE let me know how you get out of your funk- I just don’t think chocolate is going to do it. And I went shopping yesterday and the post shopping glow only lasted for a few hours. Hurumph.

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