Why, I’m so glad you asked!

Aka: birthday wish list part II.  Yes, I am that freaking narcissistic.  Also, my other one neglected to include things I’ve been wanting but forgot about because they weren’t photography- or art-related.  So, here we go.

Pajamas!  I love pajamas, but I’m picky AND can’t find the cheap cotton pj pants I bought ten years ago.  So, I’m branching out.  Yes, to VS (size small, in this print).

This quilt from Garnet Hill, in paprika, king, please.  Yummy.  Deep water (the color) is kind of wonderful, too.

Don’t tell Liz, but I’m completely smitten by these charming sheets.  Yes, in bicycles.  No, we don’t ride bicycles.  Yes, I’m still allowed to love them.  Only pillowcases and/ or fitted sheet, spanks you.  In king!


2 thoughts on “Why, I’m so glad you asked!

  1. Oh I totally caught you – hadn’t jumped ship to Canada for the week QUITE yet. I suppose if you love those sheets… well…. hmmm.

    Did you purchase those other MS from macys options? Or are we entering round 123949 of internet window shopping? (Oh I do it all day – even worse than you – it’s a bad bad habit).

    Both those quilts are lovely. I think I love the paprika one too. Hmmm… the blue one is pretty much the same color as the Pottery Barn BM paint color (wedgewood grey – it’s not grey. its blue. blue!) that I painted our bedroom walls. But it’s still lovely.

    Do you think it’s a bad idea if I were to continue my textile hoarding and just put the extras in a storage unit until we live in a place with more than one bedroom? Because I see no (inherant) problem in that at all. Don’t tell Matt.

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