Loving/ Hating, back to work edition

I used to like these kinds of posts when I was wedding-planning, so let’s try them again.  Join in!


  • Snuggly puppies (even if they do poop in the dining room)
  • Lovey kitties (despite them being all up in my sh*t all the time)
  • Silly conversations in bed with my husband… and coffee
  • Not being in a grumpy mood (more on that later)
  • Being ohsoclose to finishing the Bonus House
  • Chilly, chilly bedrooms in the basement
  • Sitting on the porch to work

Not loving:

  • The shiny new gig has lost it’s luster.  Or I have.  Regardless, am dreading working.  The usual fix (traveling to see my work peeps) doesn’t seem palatable, not to mention my corporate card is shut off because I didn’t (still haven’t) finish my expense reports.  Blaaaaaah.
  • To make my home office seem less like a storage room, I’ll need to muck it out, taking away from hours I should be working, but perhaps helping me avoid working less.  Quandary.
  • Hit my monthly free FlickR allowance.  On the fourth of the month.  Now I remember why I wanted a Pro account.
  • Covering oneself in bug spray to be able to enjoy the outdoors sucks.  I worry about the chemicals in our milk (hi, I don’t even drink milk) but cover myself in toxicity. Alternative: hide out inside, wear pants and long sleeves, finally find a less toxic insect repellent.

Your turn: what are you loving and hating?


6 thoughts on “Loving/ Hating, back to work edition

  1. I’m telling you! All Terrain Kids Herbal Armor Natuarl Insect Repellent is the shit! DEET-free and it works.

    I can even have The Husband throw it at your house when he passes through Knoxville on his next boating trip.

  2. I’m loving being home in my own bed, the sunny weather, getting to enjoy the summer (last year it was all wedding all the time)

    I’m hating being bad at work after almost a month off, being inside and not next to a window when it’s pretty out. being the blow your nose and cough girl at work, and missing my birthday.

    Let me know when you are in town next. Maybe we can get togerher and if you are interested, I could take you past the 4 block area you know so well. 🙂

  3. Loving:
    1) Design/inspiration/mommy blogs (even though I don’t have kids…. yikes)
    2) Summer weather! (and AC for sleeping)
    3) New fridge coming next week
    4) Sleepy puppy to cuddle with at night

    1) Not having a design/inspiring job and work in general (it’s too nice out!)
    2) Bills … see #3 above
    3) Puppies who get bored in the afternoon and chew. On the f-ing sofa! ARGH.

  4. Loving:
    ~ Feeling this baby’s butt pushing against my belly ALL THE TIME.
    ~ Getting the nursery all set up.
    ~ Fruit and Veggie CSA.
    ~ A new purse should be arriving in the mail TODAY..
    ~ Waiting to hear back from a job interview (super proud I went through the process!).
    ~ Maternity pictures next week!

    ~ Working. Maybe it’s working/Maybe it’s my job. Very unmotivated.
    ~ The mess our house is.
    ~ Lack of time to get it ALL done.
    ~ Pregnancy Acne. GROSS!
    ~ That we don’t get to go to the beach with the enitre family next week.

  5. Loving:
    *Potiental opportunity for life change.
    *A husband who made dinner, cleaned the house, and did the dishes for my birthday this week.
    *My puppy who thinks I’m her hero.
    *Air conditioning.

    *Being scared to death of potiental opportunity for life change.
    *Freaking out over potiential opportunity for life change.
    *Feeling like a beggar in my sales job.

  6. Loving:
    -My new city (DC area)
    -My husband because he does the dishes/listens to my shit/always keeps a positive outlook even when things are baaaad.
    -My kitties because they make me laugh, without fail, every single day.
    -That I quit my shitty job last, even though I only worked at it for a few weeks.

    -100+ temps in DC. I know summer is hot but DAMN this is out of control
    -Not getting even a measly “thank you” for the daily advice I give my bff. Seriously, some gratitude would be awesome.
    -Our messy and still not put together apartment.
    -That I totally feel like a quitter/failure for leaving my job so soon. Even though I *know* it was the right thing to do.

    Wow that felt good…I want to do one of these on my blog, now!

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