Voila! Comments now work on my blog.

So, since they’ve been broken for a few days, I thought I’d give you a little brain tickler in case you forgot you wanted to comment…

The Five Stages of Grief… and Marriage? “I think I’m at stage five of the grief cycle, a rather odd thought to have when talking about the best relationship I’ve been in.  Yet, I suddenly have a different perspective on some of the difficulties I’ve had being married: my old single self died, to be replaced by this new married self.”

On Dreaming “I want to live an extraordinary life (extra + ordinary, not more than ordinary) but I never will if I talk myself out of anything but the most inexpensive purchases.  It’s okay to want, to dream… as long as I’m not wishing. How do you dream?”

Dreams are good; wishes are not “Wishing, though, is really bad for me.  Dreaming sounds like this: ‘Someday we’ll have a lake house where our kids can run like wild creatures and be forced to spend time with their parents, telling scary stories and learning to build a fire.’ Wishing sounds like this: “I wish I had the money to finish up the bedroom already.'”

Got any comments?  I missed you guys!


3 thoughts on “Voila! Comments now work on my blog.

  1. Glad you got them turned back on.

    I wanted to share with you what have been explained to me as the THREE stages of marriage: First comes the engagement ring, and then the wedding ring, and then comes the suffeRING. My FIL loves this joke. I don’t mind because I’m pretty certain that all the men in my husband’s family think he did alright for himself ;o)

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