"Like Hitler without the mustache…"

Him: I was reading your blog today….

Me: <blank stare>

Him: You know, looking for your birthday wish list….

Me: <waiting for it>

Him: …

Me: … Yes…?

Him: You seem to write a lot about your frustrations with me!  A lot!

Me: Yes.  I do.

Him: You make me sound like Hitler! All I need is a mustache! <plays with imaginary mustache>

Me: <laughing>

Him: Can you please do a post about the awesome things I do?  Like when I bring you lunch because you’re too busy to leave your office or brush your teeth or go pee, or when I bring you ice cream because you’re have a really bad day at work (ed note: really really bad day), or that I’m, you know, awesome?

Me: Absolutely!  You know my blog’s about me and my experience, right, not necessarily objective reality?

Him: Yea.  But did I mention I come across like Hitler?

Me: My readers get it, but yes, I’ll tell them how awesome you are.  Because you are.

Him: Thanks.  So, about the mustache….


3 thoughts on “"Like Hitler without the mustache…"

  1. Ha! Well, if parenthetical husband is reading: I do not think you come across like Hitler, but I do now picture you with a Hitler mustache. Or a Tom Selleck mustache.

    • Aw, great. He says thanks. Apparently Tom Selleck was liked by a lot of women and is therefore cool, so he’s all happy now. Did I mention he loves the eighties?

      You’re now his favorite reader, I’m sure.

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