31 in 31

I’ve always wanted to be 31 (and 34), an age seeming grown-up and young all at once.  Unlike last year, where turning 30 suddenly opened my eyes to all thing “aging” (and questions like: holy sh*t, am I getting old?), this year feels easy.

Since last year, I went from a humdrum (but cushy) job to a much more difficult (but fulfilling) one.  I use every bit of experience and skill I have every day – and in six months am fully facing my personal limitations.  This is a good thing.  Frustrating and emotion-laden, sure, but good.  After last year’s angst over the job, it’s a relief to be here.  Scary and mind-boggling (seriously), but a relief.

And hey, we’re in our second year of marriage!  (Whew.)  I feel parts of me (us) clicking into place.  “Oh, that’s how it fits,” as if we are literally a puzzle with pieces to be turned until they fit.  I once had this vision of all the knowledge in the world hovering around me like a galaxy of stars.  Every epiphany connected a few until, at the end of my life, I’d have a spiderweb (constellation?) knit together of all I’d learned.  In the past year, we’ve connected quite a few of those stars.

So what’s next?  More of this, please.  I’m too realistic to believe I’ll be comfortable just living for a whole year, living without changing, but I think I can manage most of a year.  Almost one year of polishing the edges of our life rather than ripping things apart or throwing them together – that sounds good.

31 in 31:

  1. Take a photography class. (Online counts only if I follow through.)
  2. Attend a girls’ get-together.
  3. Keep in touch with Jen.
  4. When purchasing, stop settling for less (cheaper) than perfect.
  5. Dream bigger.
  6. Renovate the kitchen.
  7. Refinish the floors.
  8. Fix up our bedroom. (Get a bed!)
  9. Surprise Joey with a trip.
  10. Hike somewhere.
  11. Job shop.
  12. Be spontaneous at least once.
  13. Finish the guest suite.
  14. Listen to live music 12 times.
  15. Eat at home most weekdays.
  16. Get pregnant.
  17. Host a bonfire.
  18. Throw an outdoor party.
  19. Surprise my mom.
  20. Surprise my dad.
  21. Find a religion.
  22. Paint the garage doors.
  23. Read every unread book in the house.  (The Unread Library)
  24. Say yes more than no.
  25. Laugh (out loud, sardonic laughs in my head don’t count) every day.
  26. Sex every day for a month.
  27. Get on the freaking lift! (snowboarding)
  28. Ship stuff from my old life away.
  29. Get a hammock.
  30. Dance for no reason.
  31. Plan a perfect vacation with Intrepid Tours.


  • Pay off every debt.
  • Be okay with my life for a while.
  • Do what must be done (more than rage against reality).
  • Exercise.
  • Play through the feelings (rather than around them).

8 thoughts on “31 in 31

    • @Catherine, Now that you mentioned it, I’ve been paying more attention. I do laugh out loud quite a bit, but not the kind that you feel in your body. Does that make sense? I think I’m looking for giggling rather than amused laughter. I am a laugher, though, with a very loud laugh. Someone (my ex-husband, maybe?) used to point out how loud I laughed and it made me self-conscious at the time. Now I’m like, Yup, I’m a Loud Laugher.

  1. If you plan #2, count me in. Good luck with house fixer-upers. They always make life that much nicer. #15 – shop at a healthier food store, that always helps me. That and have a frozen pizza on hand. #16 & #26, YEAH sex! (lol) I love #23, I have so many books lying around that I have yet to read. Sounds like a great list – keep us posted on how it goes.

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