Another project (like I finished the last one)

This is our back porch.

Okay, fine.  To be more accurate, this is the view from our back porch when I’m too impatient to wait for my camera to adjust to the humidity outside.  It’s a nice treehouse-like porch owing to its perch off the second story of our house, but because it has no shade, a bit difficult to use well.

Unless you’re me.  Then despite all intelligence to the contrary, you decide you absolutely must use the back porch right now.

So you sweep off all the wet leaves that have collected over many thunderstorms, bring a little side table from another spot in the yard, and voila!

A dirty but swept porch.


But better, yes?  I worked there for a while this afternoon.  It was very tree-like.

Except for the sounds of the busy street on the other side of the woods, the sun (and later, impending storm), and the freaking mosquitoes.

I hate mosquitoes, but those little bastards love me.

Next up: pressure-washing.  I love pressure-washing.  Also: some brainstorming about furniture that won’t mess with the view or block the walkway.

If I put a table and chairs in the upper right corner, it’s awkward not to have my back to the rails, but why do I want my back to the view?  If I put them along the lower wall, I get the benefit of the shade from the house but the walk to the stairs is awkward.

Also, from up here you can’t see this.

That’s the porch underneath this treehouse porch (deck?).  Ew.


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