Making it Less Sucky

So, this guy, my new home project.  Actually, I think of it as a her.  She could be awesome.  Treehouse-like and awesome.  Behold, my inspiration pics (credited insofar as I’ve kept links – we know I suck at this):

There’s this setup from Young House Love.

I could do that along the lower wall facing out toward the view.  Just need a (vintage, maybe?) bench, a little table-ish thing, and some plants.

Also from YHL, this next picture, because I’m thinking I’d like to paint the porch once it’s clean.

Or, more adorable (but probably less liked by my husband), this fab-o-wab-o from Making It Lovely:

Dear painted porch, how I love you.

Did I mention I hate the metal rails on our treehouse porch?  Hate.  But I’m not sure I’m up for finding a proper replacement.  My hubs won’t want wood (it rots) and I’m definitely unwilling to shell out for more metal railing.  I think I’ll live with it.

*big dramatic sigh*

But there’s always this little bit of happiness to brighten my day.  Mine would be blue.  Or maybe red.

The bottom porch has possibilities too.  Like a bright blue wall!  (Imagine the yellow is blue.)

Would this color blue be too… you know, ole’?


And since we’re evidently not going to live in this house forever and ever and ever, I suppose I should take resale into account.

*big dramatic sigh*

Maybe we’ll just go with built-in benches.  How do people in humid parts of the country deal with outdoor cushions?  Do they have to come in every night?


13 thoughts on “Making it Less Sucky

  1. You should sand the rails on the porch and paint them! It’s really easy to do and you can use spray paint, which will make it even easier. Plus, you could do them in something other than black if you wanted to have a punch of color! I bet you’ll love them a lot more once they’re not rusty looking any more!

  2. I’m with Lisa on painting the rails! I’m not sure what you’d do with cushions on an uncovered porch but I just leave mine outside year round on the covered porch. Except, of course, if a hurricane’s a-comin’–then everything moves inside. 🙂

  3. Love the first porch image! I think that layout would work well. And ditto on painting the rails. While I don’t like the idea of color on iron porch rails, white would look crisp and pretty. And I would definitely do some hanging baskets! You might like the rails more if you didn’t see as much of them, and an iron framed basket might fit in perfectly.

  4. I love to porch from Making it Lovely. I say paint the rails too. I like bright red. The nice this is even if you painted the rails a color a buyer doesn’t care for, it’s an easier fix than repainting the house.

  5. I had a big dramatic sigh in empathy for you about taking resale into account. We’re gathering inspiration for renovating our kitchen and bathroom in the next year or two and I keep getting torn between the resale choice and the love love love choice!

  6. You can always paint before you sell. Do it up so you’re happy living in it now. We always built up the house and the moment we heard my parent’s say it’s perfect, we knew we were moving!

  7. I just fell in love with the porch from Making it Lovely. omg.

    Also – I don’t live in a particularly humid part of the country (though it does get humid) but I do absolutely bring my cushions in every night. I’m paranoid.

  8. Ooohh I’m excited to see how this progresses! At the risk of this coming across as rude, I would totally love to read how you approach “making it less sucky” more than John and Sherry over at YHL. You’re, like, a real person who might make some mistakes and procrastinate and change your mind over and over again (like me!), whereas I just get intimidated by the perfection at YHL.

    I think lots of plants will make your tree house feel outdoorsy and cozy at the same time, and I imagine it would be a piece of cake to paint the railing. Although, that’s what I said about our master bathroom, too, before I spent four days painting and still haven’t finished it.

    Good luck!

    • @Lexie, LOL, I wasn’t offended at all! I’ll do an update tomorrow, actually. I pressure-washed, figuring I’d paint, but now I’m both too lazy and too tired to get around to the super-spiffy painted rug design I’d planned. Also, my shoulders hurt. And my husband thinks I should keep pressure-washing today. ARGH.

      Definitely real-life around here!

      I hadn’t thought of plants (duh). We’re plant-killers around here, actually, but if it keeps raining we should be fine. I’ll move the potted palm tree-ish thing out there tonight! Yay!

      I can’t decide what color to paint the railing, though. Seriously waffling and stuck. (My usual, of course.)

  9. I agree with painting the railing. Would you paint both sides or just one? I vote red, yellow, or blue. Three color choices, I’m so much help yeah?

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