Still debating paint colors…

Every time I think I’ve figured out the paint thing (white is good, contrast makes me happy, bright pops of color warm the soul, Martha Stewart’s paint palette is perfection), something new crops up.  This time it’s exterior paint colors.  I’ve never really thought about the outside of a house, the happy renter that I was never having to care.

My favorite part of this place is all the green.  (Me: “Greeeen!” My husband: <blank look> Me: “So pretty and greeeeeeen.”  My husband: “Um, the weeds?”  Me: “Yesss!”)  I’d like the house to showcase the green rather than compete with it (like the horrid seafoam color used to) so I’m thinking a preppy color combo translated to the exterior is just the thing.  Like the picture on the right, but on a house.

{Yes, this is how I think.  Wouldn’t you love to be my husband or ~heaven forbid~ my architect?  Yea.}

As a point of reference, here’s my house today:

See the green?  Right.  I want to paint the porch and garage doors (ALL the door, not just the windowpane sections) a bluish grayish preppyish navy blue.  But here’s the question: on a rather plain white house, do you want high-contrast or no?  I can do a deep almost-black navy blue (or this crazy green/gray/black called “Ground Pepper”) or something less contrasty.

Wanna weigh in?

Oh, and just for giggles, crappy Photoshopping:

It’s a little boring without the windowpane garage doors, but much less “hi, I’m an old garage door!”  The other option is to paint them all white like the neighbors have, but then I fear they’d be all, “hi, I’m a big white box of a house.”


11 thoughts on “Still debating paint colors…

  1. First, I love that you ask for people’s opinions. I enjoy giving them. 🙂

    Personally, I think it’s too much contract. While I do like the idea of getting rid of the window-pane effect, I think the “after” garage doors look like black holes. I’ve always heard (and agree with it) that you don’t want to paint something a different color unless you want to draw attention to it. I’d rather draw attention to the porch/front door. You know, luring people in and all.

    I have no good alternatives, however. And have a work meeting in a few minutes. Blah. Excited to hear what others have to say, though!

  2. I love the color you’re thinking of but it does draw a lot of attention to your garage doors. I think the windowpanes being white would probably help- what if though you just made your garage doors blend in more with the rest of the house and had the porch be your pop of color? That way the porch stands out and the garage blends in…?

  3. I think that a bright, bold cobalt blue would look fantastic – in fact, my aunt’s house is similar in style to yours, and they recently painted their shutters blue. It looks AMAZING, without looking ‘wacky’ like my uncle was worried about. I also like the windowpanes, I’d leave them, for that crisp, preppy contrast look.

  4. I like the blue and while it does look a little crazy in the Photoshopped version, I think it would look really good in real life. Contrast is a GOOD thing!

  5. I have this silly little theory- house that are painted (at least) three colors are the prettiest. Yep, I said silly. That either means a pop of color on the door or a two toned contrast on the windows and then another color for the house. Anyway, that’s my 2 cents- I hope to blog my finding soon. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  6. Personally, I like the idea of painting the porch and the front door, but I’m sort against anything that draws attention to garage doors on the front of a house at all. It doesn’t look bad, and I like the color choice, but it’s a little too “HI, I’m a garage right here in front” for me. FWIW ;o)

  7. If you painted the garage doors white and just the top row of the panes a lighter shade of gray, that would be nice. Also, if you added a wooden railing…I’m thinking all white with a natural wood top rail… to the front porch and built out the columns so they have more presence than the current wrought iron ones, that would definitely up the curb appeal. A new front door with a full window storm door plus some contrasting shutters on that picture window and some shrubs in front of the new railing and you’d be the prettiest house on the block.

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