Does planning for something "jinx" it?

Short post, big question: is planning for (and perhaps buying for) a not-yet-conceived baby (one we’re not sure we’re actually trying for yet) a good way to “jinx” the whole shebang?

Follow-up question: is anyone else feeling like, despite being a fully grown-up age, one must still subscribe to the laws of second grade (you know, where saying you want something ensures it won’t happen because you’ve “jinxed” it)?


10 thoughts on “Does planning for something "jinx" it?

  1. Just because I subscribe to a law of decluttering — nothing in your space that is not beatiful, useful, or both, I would say no buying, but planning sound good — as long as it’s dreaming, not wishing, as per your very helpful dichotomy.

  2. This is so funny because my brother and his wife want to give us all their baby stuff (I am not pregnant) and I keep saying no because I’m afraid having the stuff around will “jinx” us. The 33 year me thinks I’m being ridiculous but the kid in me just won’t shut up.

  3. Do you remember when I wrote about this (last year) and you replied? I think you said it was OK to hope and plan, because you have to allow yourself to be happy and hopeful, even if it doesn’t always work out. (Sadness is OK too, and pessimism [expecting the worst] isn’t the best strategy for living a healthy life.)

    That said, I still totally believe we can (and do) jinx ourselves. It’s pretty much my only superstition.

  4. I know better than to think I will jinx something but I’m with you the little one in me just won’t shut up and so I refuse to buy anything for future events for fear of jinxing it.

  5. I think the thing to think about here (re: babies) is that sometimes a couple can get pregnant right away and sometimes they can’t. If the former happens, super. If it’s the latter, how do you think you’d feel with the “stuff” all around you. Less a matter of jinxing in my opinion.

  6. I jinx myself when I’m hoping to get through a bunch of stoplights. It never fails that the very last one turns red.

    I like CJM’s way of looking at it. If you start buying what you love, right now, how will you feel if the trying-to-conceive portion of parenthood turns out to be longer than you’d guessed?

    Is the item in question something that won’t be available down the road for purchase?

    How many times do you think you’ll change your mind between now and when baby would arrive? (I would change mine every two days, probably.)

  7. I always feel like I’ll jinx things. I don’t know why I do it. It would be much more simple to just relax and let life happen. But I worry that even talking about having a baby will jinx things. I will only talk to my husband about it. Everyone else I just talk in general terms. I have my eye on a Cubs onesie I’m in love with, and I’ve nearly bought it so many times but I just can’t do it. I’m keeping fun things I like in mind, and I read reviews and have lists of products I think I’d like to buy. But I’m waiting to buy anything until we actually do conceive. I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this way!

  8. I just had a miscarriage during my first pregnancy and I am SO GLAD that we hadn’t already bought any baby stuff for our house. We were being very cautious and “wait and see” about the whole thing, which made the miscarriage much less sad and disappointing. I also don’t like having that much “stuff” and was already trying to think of ways to cut corners on baby supplies (we don’t really need a crib until the kid’s a few months old, right?), so I would not have wanted to stockpile things no matter what.

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