I like TV shows with strong female characters

Does that make me a cliche? Perhaps.  Here’s my list:

The West Wing – I love that they catch up with each other while walking down hallways.  Love.  And they’re so honest about the people part (must be a political thing).  And they talk fast.

House – Cuddy’s clothes are fabulous and she’s both indulgent and brilliant.

Lie to Me – Dr. Foster was more awesome in season one than in season two, but (again) she wears great clothes and is indulgent and brilliant.

The Closer – Brenda’s clothes totally suck but she’s both very much herself and very successful and respected.

Weeds (yes, Weeds) – Okay, Nancy’s crazy, but I still like her.

So… now I need your help.  Can you recommend any other shows with strong female characters?  Bonus points for great clothes.  I’m going to finish watching this episode of The West Wing and then maybe put on a pair of heels with my work-from-home attire.

{Mandy thinks I should watch Mad Men.  I tried once but got terribly distracted by the awesome furniture and couldn’t manage to follow the story.}


16 thoughts on “I like TV shows with strong female characters

  1. You SHOULD be watching Mad Men. Joan is the ultimate. Start from the beginning and pretty soon you’ll see the gorgeous sets and clothes and still be able to focus on the drama and storyline.

    Otherwise I’m not sure I’d be much of a help in the strong-female tv show front. I watch a lot of So You Think You Can Dance, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, adult cartoons and re-runs of The X-Files.

  2. BONES, both the fiancee and I love it! Start with season 1 and work through it but the seasons get better with time. We’re about halfway through re-watching all the seasons and the newest season is the best yet.

    • @Sunny, I started watching this on your recommendation and stuck through it past the cheesiness and bad mood music and I love it! I’m only halfway through Season 1, so I”m excited to have lots left.

  3. I second lindsey on Mad Men – between Joan and Peggy and Betty Draper, you’ll be drooling over the clothes. Plus Joan is curvy – probably a size 14 by today’s standards and she has all kinds of men drooling over her.

    I love Nurse Jackie – but she generally wears scrubs – however her best friend Dr. O”Hara is an ER doc and wears her Manolo heels and pencil skirts right into the trauma room and somehow comes out without a stain.

  4. I’m going to have to third the Mad Men comments. My husband and I caught up via Netflix and I still sit there pointing out the furniture I wish we had and the dresses I wish I could rock everyday.

  5. If you like the West Wing (god, who wouldn’t?!) – Sports Night. It’s Aaron Sorkin’s pre-WW show and a lot of the themes (and actors) are the same, despite it being a 30-min comedy about a tv sports show instead of a 60-min drama about politics. Natalie and Dana are great characters (not as great as CJ, though).

    And it doesn’t have too many great female characters, but I love Friday Night Lights.

  6. Not sure if you’ve watched Gilmore Girls, but it’s my absolute favourite for female characters. Plus, as imdb says “Due to the fast pace speech in the show, the average script for an episode of Gilmore Girls runs 75-80 pages, as opposed to 45-50 for a standard hour-long television show”. I love that.

  7. LOVE Weeds. Joss Whedon believes in strong women; Buffy is my all time favorite female lead show; that show opened up a whole new world of strong female leads on television. Love, love, love Buffy. So funny. Good clothes for the time. Firefly (another Whedon show) has strong female leads and is quirky. Dollhouse (Whedon) was a cool premise but not my absolute favorite; still worth watching if you have free time.

    I’ll second Bones, Temperance Brennan is a really excellent character. And she has cute clothes.

    Pushing Daisies was a cute show and had really really cute clothes and cute decor.

  8. Bones! Definitely. Also The Big C is starting on Showtime and I saw the preview. It is great. But maybe I’m biased because I heart Laura Linney.

  9. Hello!

    First-time commenter (followed you over from Weddingbee) but I’d suggest Fringe. The female lead is kick-ass, and it’s kind of a modern X-Files with all the sci-fi/supernatural stuff going on. Plus, it has Pacey! (okay, Josh Jackson, but he’ll always be Pacey to me).

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