Things I shouldn't be doing

… sitting on the porch in my pajamas at 1pm – because we need no more redneck cred.

… watching “just one” episode of Bones before bedtime – because four episodes later, I’m still watching.

… debating paint colors for my office (yes, again, shut up) – because I obsess then gridlock.  Blegh.

… considering the purchase of a new (zippy, speedy, awesome) vehicle – because I’m a trigger-puller and I’ll do it.

And a few things I should totally be doing:

… laying in a hammock with Frances Mayes’ new (to me) book.

… napping.

… sitting in my really-has-a-serious-job-for-reals grown-up office being assertive and authoritative and kicking ass.  (I got the “you just have to be more assertive/ strong/ direct” pep talk three times in two weeks.  Me!  *sigh*  I hate working from home.)

Aaaand, a few things I am doing:

… sitting on the porch in my pajamas.  At least it’s not afternoon yet.

… chugging coffee to counteract the lack of sleep last night (see the line above about Bones episodes).

… debating watching just one episode of Bones before I start my day.


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