On our street

We have two sets of neighbors we consider very good friends.  Okay, three, but two are germane to this story.

Neighbors A live across the street in a cute-yet-grown-up-as-can-be house with their baby son and two dogs.

Neighbors B live down the street in a cute-yet-grown-up-as-can-be house with their baby son and two dogs.

When Neighbors A do or get anything, we are happy for them.  We might want to be them (they of the “we never fight” fame), but we don’t begrudge them their awesome life.

When Neighbors B do or get anything, I am horribly jealous.  We both are, my husband and I.  We find ourselves looking for ways to contradict the goodness with something bad, like “but you know they pulled equity out of their mortgage” or whatever.

What’s up with that?  I will admit to a tinge of jealousy when Neighbors A told us they were expecting another child.  They’re such an adorable little family who seem to have it together, but in a “real” way.  I’m at the point where I think it would be mostly cool but still somewhat terrifying/ awkward/ freaky if we got pregnant, by the way, but not at the “scared shitless” point anymore.  So, progress.

Regardless, it’s so strange how differently we react to the one set of neighbors versus the other.  Anyone else do this?


3 thoughts on “On our street

  1. I think the initial reaction is driven by the personalities of the individuals. I am willing to guess….while all 4 are surely good peeps…..A’s give more, ask about you more, seem to care more….reciprocate more than B’s?

    This reminds me of a conversation The Brit and I had LAST NIGHT about feeling people don’t “deserve” things….especially really rich kids. It was very interesting.

  2. I do the same thing with new home decor. I’m definitely 1-2 years away from getting to remodel my kitchen and main bathroom and in the past five years my mom has moved twice and remodelled extensively to make the place her dream. Most recently, she an my stepdad custom built a brand new house together. At the same time, my sister and my brother in law were building a brand new house together too. At first I thought it was just another one those topics I wasn’t interested, but then I realized it was actually just pissing me off to watch other people doing things I wanted to do but was just not ready for.

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