A decision!

I’m going for high-contrast in the office: chalky white walls plus one chalkboard wall.  Or navy blue wall, but chalkboard seems more fun.

Here’s my permission.

There’s something about “working from home” that implies casualness, even in my brain.  I see it in other people, too – this unspoken need to apologize for the perceived awesomeness of a job you can do in your pj’s.  Hey, it’s pretty cool, but not for the reasons people think.

Yes, I get it, if you work from home a few days a week or less, you think it’s great.  I did, too.  But to work from home day after day after day after day… well, it’s not a party.  And hey, I’m not here to whine about it; working from home has allowed me to continue to live in Knoxville through three major job changes.

But it’s not a party.  And the implicit expectation that one must work from home in a “home office” (read: craft room, guest room, corner of a room) is unfair.  I have a big job, one with a lot of responsibility (and more coming soon).  Working from the room that’s also the cat room and the craft room and the “where we put random junk” room is counterproductive.  Do you know any CEO’s who work from a front porch?  Regularly?  No.  Frankly, I don’t know any “work from home” men who haven’t tricked out their offices into Master of My Domain offices.  Do you?

So in my dream world, I’d have grasscloth walls and dark blue accents and gorgeous lighting.  A brass desk lamp, fabulously girly desk, navy velvet curtains, comfy chair in the corner for when I can’t stand to sit in my desk chair any longer.  And no litterbox.

In my real world — the one where we still haven’t finished the other house and I’m cheap and still not comfortable spending our money on something like MY office — I’m starting by emptying the office and painting the walls a bright, happy white with a fun, contrast-y chalkboard wall.

And then?  No idea.  I’m debating painting the surface of the big coffee/ dining table the same bright white as the walls… and possibly doing the same to the laminate surface of the dresser I posted a picture of.  (Dear 1960’s: why put laminate on top of a solid wood dresser?  To protect it?)

So, decisions made.  Sovereignty in progress.  And my latest favorite quote:

After all, being the sovereign power in your internal kingdom of you-ness means you always get to make choices that are comfortable for you.

As your business grows, you do not ever have to spend your monies on anything that does not support your you-ness and your values.

My you-ness requires much propping up when I’m intimidated by the size of the job I’m doing.  This requires I’m constantly reminded to be more confident about the things I know need to happen.  And THAT requires an office that says, “competent” more than “casual.”

Now (to use Morgan’s words), to actualize now that I’ve conceptualized.


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