Weekend edition

I’m thinking about buying this bike but fighting the “I’m not worth a $400 bike for a hobby I don’t even know I want to pursue {I totally do, though, because I don’t exercise at all and hate running and my cardiovascular health is surely abominable and also – greenways! Outdoorsy-ness! Hiking views without the, well, walking part!} and surely I can just get by with something free” feelings:

My husband thinks I should just buy the bike.  I love the bike, want to hug it and rub it and stare at it.  This isn’t normal, I know.  I think I have a problem with believing I’m worth spending money on.  But that seat?  That seat is what really sold me, all comfy and top-stitched leather awesomeness, that says, “Clearly, I don’t think of myself as hard core, but rather an enthusiast who might lack skills, so best be going around me.”

/understatement (and badly constructed sentences)


Semi-relevant: today is office-painting day.  I am very excited.  (Honesty: excited to be finished, not necessarily to paint.)  I’ll post an awesomely embarrassing photo of the horrible mess it is now later today.


I’m doing white walls with one chalkboard wall.  While painting, I’ll be thinking about ceilings.  Behold (from the Olympic Paint website):

Love.  But, I don’t have an awesome avocado Womb Chair.  *sad*  Must consider other ceiling colors.  I love blues, generally, but they’re restful, and I don’t want restful.

Also later today: pictures of the furniture that will be living with me in my office.  Very exciting!


One thought on “Weekend edition

  1. 1. I saw that bike in Hoboken one day, and it’s sitting on my iphone as the ultimate bike that I desperately want. So I thoroughly support the purchase – and am glad to see that you went ahead and did it.

    2. The painting! Holy moly – way to go! I’ve been living under this wedding rock for too long, as I never got back to you about the paint. I’m sure it will be lovely, so go knock yourself out. Change is a good thing, even if it might need tweaks down the road.

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