2010-09-21_001, originally uploaded by MarisaLovesCats.

Bad lighting, good changes: chalkboard paint wall, new-to-me vintage dresser, up-down table (goes from coffee table to dining height), IKEA chair that I’ll be slipcovering, vintage orange armchairs, IKEA dining chairs… and a cat in a sunny spot on an ottoman.

Remaining tasks: paint the big table and dresser tops in glossy white paint; hang curtains (maybe); clean up the cluster of a desk in the corner you can’t see in this pic; slip cover the IKEA chair.  Oh, and lighting that doesn’t suck.  The paper lantern is functional but kills my eyes.

Am also considering painting the ceiling in an ever-so-slightly-sunshiny color (which thankfully, I already own and have used in other rooms).

Oh, right, and find another place for the cats to eat.  See the ugly mixing bowl on the table?


8 thoughts on “Office!

  1. It looks FABULOUS!

    Skip the curtains – I think that the decision will be more agonizing than it’s worth. Do you need the privacy at all? Is the light and issue? If not, then it looks great without. All that greenery!!!

    I want more picutres! And better lighting.

    BUT WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I think getting rid of the “craft room” yellow was the biggest hurdle. Also – could you find a lower wattage light bulb for the overhead lamp? It’s not so bad, but if it’s too bright, try something with a lower number.

    • @Wildology, One coat of oil-based primer, two coats of bright white paint, two coats of water-based primer, all with curing time. That should do it, but we’ll see. I’d be very sad if I ruined the table. I bought it with my first ever work bonus check – almost a thousand dollars! For a table!

  2. It looks great so far. I’m an unabashed pop of color girl, so I’d be all over a pair of curtains, but I’m sure it would great with or without (just better with).

    • @Genavee, Funny, I am too (an unabashed pop of color girl).. so I had different (bright! red!) chairs… but somehow, the rest of the room looked sadder. When I took out the pops of color and replaced them with white or a soothing-ish blue-gray, everything else (the orange armchairs, the battle green-gray desk) seemed to fit together.

      I’m thinking a tiny hint of yellow in the ceiling will warm things up a bit, and I’d like to do bright pops of color in the art. In fact, I have a great big book of flower pictures that I’m tempted to cut up and frame.

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