Guess who's back to working with me?


Ooh, gotta clean the mirror.

When my office doubled as the cat room, the doorway gate had to stay closed as Mr. Poopinsky spent his “work time” snarfing up stray pellets of cat food… and the minute my attention was diverted (to things like working to buy the cat food), he’d have his cute little nose buried deep in the cat food dish.

So, no worky worky for Mr. Poopinsky.  We were both quite sad.

Now, though, since the cat food is up off the floor, I get my assistant back!  (He assists by sleeping, snoring, turning circles to get comfy, giving me dirty looks when I sound annoyed and/ or too loud… very helpful.)


Liz, who knows me well, shared great concern about having to choose fabric for curtains, which is absolutely true… most of the time.  I’ve had 10-ish yards of this semi-shiny totally-unnatural-fibered fabric for a while with no plans for it.

Now, plans!  Because those cats shed enough to create a little slipcover-sweater in a matter of weeks, I’ll be making two slipcovers for the Poang: one that stays on securely for people to sit against and an easy-to-remove cover for the cats.

And!  I should have enough left over to make really simple curtains hung from a plain black rod (made of plumbing pipe, probably, because I love using things in unusual ways).  Maybe someday, anyway.

For now, I need to concentrate my efforts on this little extravaganza of a corner:

Um, yea.  Ew.  It will eventually be my Tech Station, housing a big monitor, printer, and various accoutrements (external hard drive, docking station with power, digital whiteboard attachment and paraphernalia, etc, etc).  And the lamp will get a fabric/ paper cover to go with the edges I had a sudden urge to paint in chalkboard paint.

The whiteboard is awkward but there was already a nail there so I used it. I need art. (Hi, again, Liz!).

I LOVE the white.  Just wait til you see the view out of the windows.  Green!


2 thoughts on “Guess who's back to working with me?

  1. Love the office makeover! And my animals are the same way… They would go on strike if I didn’t let them hang out under/on top of/next to my desk all day.

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