Asking for permission, day/ weekend one

Yesterday I decided to do this.  And, true to impatient form, I couldn’t wait until next Friday to get started.

Yesterday I granted myself permission to:

– Take a hard line about something I feel strongly about even though it’s not “nice” or “easy” or “non-confrontational.”  Then I gave myself permission to not obsess over how I should have handled it.*

– Move people’s cheese.  I have a hard time with the idea of disrupting the lives of busy people I respect, even when I know it’s for the greater (eventual) good.

– Set aside any what-if’s and if-it-were-me’s and but-let-me-make-sure-you-know’s and completely support my husband.

Today I grant myself permission to:

– Do my job well, whatever that takes, because doing my job well helps a lot of other people.*

– Speak candidly and factually about the problems and opportunities I see in our business.  With or without a pretty Powerpoint presentation.

– Work, work, work, despite my husband being in and out of the house throughout the day.

– Take my husband at face value.  If he says he’s fine, he’s fine.  He’s good at asking for what he needs.  I just need to listen.

– Move the table lamp from the living room (our space) to my office (my space) because I spend a billion hours a day in here and the lighting sucks.  And because offices (even my office) deserve some attention and effort; my getting stuff done is a direct benefit to all of us.*

This weekend, I would like permission to:

– Laugh.  A lot.

– Not shy away from my own expectations for fear of not meeting them.  (This is silly, but though we’re not clean-freaks, my definition of what clean means is pretty high.  Because I suck at cleaning, I tell myself I don’t care, but I do. So I will.)

– Get some exercise and get some rest.

– Be supportive.

– Finish the changes in my office.  Halfway there is good, but not quite satisfying.  I would like permission to put office-completion near the top of the list, even though it’s just for me (and not us or him or them).*


*An uncomfortable realization.

Wow.  Who would have thought I’d become one of those women – the ones that put other people’s needs ahead of their own, have trouble taking care of what they need when it’s just for them, and try their very best to be sweet/ nice/ helpful/ non-divisive?  I wonder if it’s because I’m growing up, had a couple of jobs that weren’t right for me, or bent myself into a pretzel to be a better partner?

Not sure what to do about that except keep asking for and granting permission to do the things I need to do.  I can already tell this is going to be an interesting month.

Your turn: will you be giving yourself permission to do anything this weekend?


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