The Sunday night permissions: Dread and Doom and such

Sunday nights are tough.  Ugg, another week.  I just survived getting through last week. Etc., etc.

Tonight, though, I’d like permission to put off work thoughts until tomorrow’s work day.  Pretty please.

And I’d like to be able to sleep well and relaxed, not all verklempt about not working until tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I’d like to be able to drink my coffee and enjoy the morning with my husband, but then to transition into working without the just another moment and if I don’t launch email, it’s not Monday kind of things.

This week, I am giving myself permission to do what needs to be done, even if it’s not fun or not easy or not nice.  I”m going to insist when insistence is necessary.  I’m also giving myself permission to work even while my husband is in and out of the house – to be a worker during work hours and a wife (and bff) during not-work hours.  And I’m going to give us permission to dream and plan and maybe even spend!!!! on a little getaway just for us.  Even if it costs money.  Even if we’re not sure now’s an ideal time.


3 thoughts on “The Sunday night permissions: Dread and Doom and such

  1. I agree – Sunday nights are very tough…but I’m loving the permission to plan for a getaway. We are going on vacation very soon and even dreaming and planning for it has been great for both us – stress relief just to know we will get some time away and relax soon – we need it! Hope your week and planning goes well.

  2. I hope you have a great week! Give yourself the permissions you need to do what you must 🙂

    This week, I’m giving myself permission to BE busy, since my workload in the coming month will be heavy. Now, if only I could stay off Google Reader. =P

  3. Hope your work week is great and you accomplish all of your goals.

    This week I’m giving myself permission to dislike change but to accept that if it needs/its beneficial to us it can happen. My fiancee’s been offered a big promotion about 2 hours from my job I don’t want to change jobs but I also don’t want to stand in his way.

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