So far, on this beautiful fall morning, I've…

… said to my super-productive husband, “You suck at weekends.”

… staggered my way around the property looking for an errant dog.

… protected said dog from the miffed cat (Huck is a scary cat, all claws and yeowly warnings, and when surprised by the big dog running full speed around the corner, puffs up and stalks the dog until he can exact his revenge).

… sat on the front porch with my laptop in my pj’s.  Yup, I’m that neighbor.

I love weekends.

I do not love post-processing photos.  In fact, I’m tempted to accept mediocrity and shoot in jpg so I can skip the whole process.  (To convert to jpg after adjusting the white balance, etc, involves me opening the photo in software, which then leads to me obsessively making tiny changes and wondering if I made it better or worse. If I shoot in jpg, I just dump the files to a disk, delete the bad ones, and call it {mediocre-ly} finished.)  I hate software.  However, I shall do it, because my adorable neighbor baby gives me smoochies when he sees me — without being asked — and the pictures are of his second birthday party.

Then maybe I will make a sofa slipcover, because I am a masochist who hates sewing but loves corduroy and can’t drive or do anything otherwise interesting anyway.

Doing anything interesting this weekend?


2 thoughts on “So far, on this beautiful fall morning, I've…

  1. those are the best kind of saturday mornings!

    and if you get to that slip-cover…do share the process. We’re in desperate need of one but don’t have the bank account to buy one of those swanky ones!

  2. Are you shooting RAW? I have yet to try that out, but I’m fully in Manual mode all the time, now! This weekend even saw me using the lens that has no autofocus!

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