So, the forum community thing…

… is in beta testing, we’ll call it (meaning I’ve not really fully testing either option, but I’ve done cursory configuration and a quick test).

So, I’ve installed two options, try them out and then tell me whether you like A or B, mkay?

Note: for the purposes of deciding, both are wide open so guests can see all boards and threads. Once we choose one, I’ll require that you register to be able to view anything.  For now, I’ll auto-approve anyone who registers.  If we decide we want me to, I can always shift to manually approving registrations, but at this point I’d rubber stamp anyway.

Poll is open for today only (Friday).  Good excuse to “multi-task” at work on a Friday, right?

Option A: bbPress (by the same company as WordPress, but limited functionality; might allow integration of posts here to threads there if I can figure out the config)

Option B: myBB (more feature-rich but a little busy for my taste; blog and board completely disconnected)

UPDATE: third option… see the “Forum” link at the top of the header?  I’m still messing with config, but it’s more easily integrated.

[poll id=”2″]


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